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Piaggio MP3 Scooter Recalled In The US

The three-wheeled Piaggio MP3 scooter has been affected by an issue with the braking system.

The Piaggio MP3 500 three-wheeled scooter has been recalled in the US expand View Photos
The Piaggio MP3 500 three-wheeled scooter has been recalled in the US


  • Piaggio Group America issues recall for three-wheeled scooter
  • The issue is with the braking system of the MP3 500 scooter
  • Excessive brake lever travel may not activate the brakes properly

The Piaggio MP3 three-wheeled scooter has been recalled in the United States due to an issue with the braking system. Piaggio Group Americas is recalling as many as 123 units from the 2019 and 2020 models of the MP3 three-wheeled scooter. The recall has been issued because the brake lines on some of the MP3 500 scooters brought into the USA may have been improperly galvanised, which could allow hydrogen to be released into the brake fluid. If that happens, it may result in the brake lever or brake pedal to have too much travel, affecting the braking performance.

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An issue in the three-wheeled scooter could affect its braking system and so the recall has been issued

A brake pedal or brake lever with too much travel may not properly activate the brakes, and so the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued the recall. The issue came from warranty claims made by Piaggio Group America's dealership network, and in some cases, the rear brake lever/pedal has extended play after a prolonged period of inactivity. Excessive play on brake levers/pedal can cause reduced braking efficiency as a consequence.

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According to recall documents, the Piaggio factory conducted testing and found that there was incorrect galvanisation process of the brake pipe terminals. The protective zinc layer used for surface treatment of the brake pipe terminals were found to have an irregular surface, which allows hydrogen to remain inside the surface during the treatment process. That hydrogen, in turn, releases in the brake fluid, causing hydrogen to release inside the braking system.

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Piaggio will notify affected MP3 500 owners and perform a complete brake system flush at no charge to the customer. The recall is expected to begin on September 23, 2020 and owners of the Piaggio MP3 500 scooter are invited to make an appointment with their local Piaggio or Vespa dealership to have their brake fluid flushed.

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