YoBykes Set to Make a Comeback with High-Speed Electric Scooter and Electric Bike Launch in India.

Ahmedabad Based EV 2-wheeler manufacturers have announced that they are going to launch a range of high-speed electric scooters and electric bikes.

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Published on August 27, 2023

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  • YoBykes has announced that they will launch a high-speed Electric scooter and electric bike.
  • YoBykes has also announced that they have established a new in-house research and development facility.
  • YoBykes has also announced that they have established a new in-house research and development facility.

Ahmedabad-based electric 2-wheeler manufacturer YoBykes, established in 2006, has unveiled its plans to introduce a range of high-speed electric scooters and electric bikes. The current product lineup from YoBykes includes the YoBykes Drift and YoBykes Edge, priced at Rs. 51,000 and Rs. 49,000 respectively. These offerings were set to capture the attention of urban commuters seeking sustainable and efficient transportation options. Both the Drift and Edge models boast a range of 60 km per charge, making them suitable for short to medium-distance travel, the scooter has a charging time of 3 to 4 hours. 


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The feature of the Drift and Edge models includes a maximum power output of 250 kW, despite their high-power performance, these vehicles adhere to safety regulations by maintaining a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. Safety features include the breaking systems that are incorporated into the Drift and Edge models. The front brake system boasts a 220 mm disc brake, while the rear brake system features a responsive 110 mm disc brake. Customers of YoBykes' Drift and Edge models can enjoy a nearly 1-year warranty offered for both systems. With a strong presence spanning the nation, YoBykes' network of 175 outlets ensures that the current and upcoming offerings will be accessible to a wide range of consumers. A significant highlight of YoBykes' recent announcement is its in-house research and development facility.


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Shailesh Bhandari, Managing Director, YoBykes stated, “We have relentlessly pursued our vision for over two decades. We initiated awareness campaigns to educate the masses about the benefits of electric vehicles, and today, after 17 years, our steadfast efforts have positioned us as trendsetters. Even now, major players are striving to achieve the market penetration that we achieved nearly two decades ago,” and “Our plans include the activation of all our dealers with the introduction of newer technologies.” 

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