Bentley Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Azure Review: Worth The Extra Crore?

Earlier in 2023, Bentley launched the Extended wheelbase version of its Bentayga SUV which costs Rs. 1 Crore more than the standard version. We drive it and get driven in it.

By Shams Raza Naqvi


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Published on November 25, 2023

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  • The Bentayga EWB is considered as the spiritual successor to Bentley Mulsanne
  • Its wheelbase is 180 mm longer than the standard version of the SUV
  • Prices start at Rs. 6.25 crore, which is Rs. 1 crore more than Bentayga

You are in the premium end of the market looking for absolute comfort, of course you’re willing to spend a lot of money, but you also want the feel of an SUV. Then the Bentley Bentayga could be the answer to all your questions. It has been in India for a while but earlier this year the British carmaker launched the new extended wheelbase version of the SUV and we got behind the wheel of the higher Azure trim loaded with a lot of features.

The wheelbase is 180 mm longer than the standard version of the SUV.


The first-ever SUV from the famed British Luxury carmaker has also become its most popular car in quick time. The idea was to not just pamper the consumer the way cars like Flying Spur and Continental GT do, but also keep in tune with changing times and adapt to the SUV's body style. The Bentayga EWB builds on the latest second-generation Bentayga and promises to provide the best rear cabin experience from the brand since the Mulsanne. It is in fact considered as the spiritual successor to the luxury saloon.


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Polished chrome grille is dominated by vertical slats.


On the face, this EWB model doesn’t look too different from the standard version of the SUV though the new grille does take inspiration from Flying Spur. There’s a lot of polished chrome here with the domination by vertical slats while on the bumper grille, the mesh pattern is more prominent. The iconic twin-setup of lamps is trademark Bentley and includes cut crystal Matrix LED headlamps. Equally iconic are the oval-shaped tail lamps and set of twin exhausts.

The rear door is much bigger now and so is the overall length at 5,322 mm.


The real magic of a car like the Bentayga extended wheelbase is how it looks from the profile because this is where the SUV has changed significantly. Exclusively made for it are the 22-inch alloys come with their 10-spoke design which add to its majestic look. There’s generous use of chrome including on doors, window lines as well as on the roof rails, something that buyers usually like in India, specially in this premium segment. The wheelbase has gone up by 180 mm and now stands at 3,175 mm, and that has largely ensured more space and comfort on the second row. The rear door is much bigger now and so is the overall length at 5,322 mm.


Tech & Interior

The Bentayga EWB doesn’t disappoint from the time you enter the cabin. 


At the press of a button (located on the console), electronic doors on the second row will close with a soft close function, you always like that when you spend so much money on a car. Of course, the feeling of space is much more when compared to the regular Bentayga as the shoulder room, the headroom and even under thigh support is fantastic. The SUV gets what is being referred to as Bentley Airline Seat Specification, which comes with two modes - Business & Relax.


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The SUV gets Bentley Airline Seat Specification with two modes.


The Business mode is more about sitting straight and using the tray table and working while on the move. But what would really appeal to the owners is the Relax mode which covers the entire area almost into a lounge. At a press of a button, the front passenger seat goes forward, the rear seat reclines by around 40 degrees while the occupant also gets ottoman seats and footrest support, which ensures maximum comfort. According to Bentley you also get some world-first features namely Seat Auto Climate and postural Adjustment Function. The former alters between heating and cooling to give the occupants a comfortable drive all through and it helps in lesser fatigue as well.

The panoramic sunroof is moved rearwards by 125 mm to counter the EWB.


10.1” screens mounted behind the front seats come as an option and content from smartphones can be directly played on them. The panoramic sunroof is moved rearwards by 125 mm to counter the extended wheelbase of the car and its functioning can also be controlled from the back seats. You get heating, ventilation and massage functions on both rows and the front seats can be adjusted electrically in 20 different ways.  


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The buyer can choose many upholstery and wood trims.


The touchscreen system feels premium and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. While a 1720 Watt, 20 Speaker Naim Audio system is standard on the car, you can also upgrade to a more premium Bang & Olufsen system. For more exclusivity, the buyer can choose from Bentley’s entire colour range for the leather upholstery, including two-tone options.



Bentley Dynamic Ride System limits body roll on the SUV.


I chose to start my experience of the Bentayga EWB by enjoying the comforts of the second row. Apart from all the features mentioned above what really adds to a wonderful experience is the Bentley Dynamic Ride System where electronically the body roll is kept to a minimum, even when you’re turning at high speeds. This is done without compromising on the supple ride quality, so what you get is the best of both worlds despite the bulky size of the SUV. As expected the drive is pretty silent here and any noise from outside rarely creeps into the cabin. In fact, Bentley claims that the Bentayga EWB is quieter inside than its competitors, by between 4% and 26% depending on frequency and position inside the car.


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The Bentayga EWB races to a top speed of 290 kmph.


 If you do decide to switch places from the back row to the front row you will not be disappointed because this car comes with a very enthusiastic engine as well. The numbers here are quite impressive, as the 4.0 L V8 Petrol engine makes 545 bhp along with 770 Nm. Transmission duties are taken care of by an 8-speed automatic gearbox and the ratios feel evenly spread out to you a linear drive experience. There’s no lack of enthusiasm here as the car reaches the speed of 100 kmph in just about 4.5 seconds, that for such a big and heavy SUV is a really good number. 

A special Bentley drive mode gives a balance between Sport and comfort modes.


You can choose from different driving modes on the Bentayga EWB, that’s sort of expected from a car that comes in this segment. There’s Sport, Comfort & Custom, apart from a special Bentley mode that gives you a balance between Sport and Comfort modes, ensuring a good mix of drivability as well as comfort. You also have paddle shifters with you so can take greater control of the car with you and make your drive even more interesting.  

Rear wheel steering has reduced the turning circle by 7%.


A highlight for me is the way the steering wheel behaves, it's very taut, precise and gives great feedback. So as a driver, you really like that and feel very engaged while driving the vehicle. The icing on the cake is that it is heated too so in the cold temperatures, it makes your drive a little more comfortable. That's not all, the Bentayga EWB also comes with rear-wheel steering which helps to maneuver a car that is close to 5 and a half meters long. This ensures that the turning circle is 11.8 meters which is 7% less than a standard Bentayga.  



The SUV also comes with a self parking system. 


One feature that really comes in handy specially out here on highways is the Adaptive Cruise Control on the Bentayga EWB. It also comes with Lane Keeping Assist so it ensures that you stay in your lane and follow the car at a proper distance which really helps in different challenging conditions. The SUV also comes with a self-parking system with a 360-degree camera as well as 6 airbags.


Prices & Verdict

Prices start at Rs. 6.25 crore, which is Rs. 1 crore more than Bentayga 


The Bentayga EWB starts at Rs. 6.25 crore, ex-showroom, but the final cost really depends on the kind of customization and exclusivity you would want on the SUV. The standard Bentayga starts at  Rs. 5.25 crore. The SUV sits between two very strong competitors in this ultra-premium luxury space, first is the Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS which is a little more affordable and the second is of course the more premium Rolls Royce Cullinan which gets a little more luxury. Despite that, the Bentayga EWB manages to create a space of its own. It has good features, is big on luxury and comfort and has a well-performing engine as well. So it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on the first row or the second row, after spending a lot of money you will not regret your decision of buying an SUV like this.

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