2 Variants

Last Recorded Price
2.54 - 2.72 Crore

Audi R8 Overview

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Fuel Type







8.1 - 16.9 KM/L

Tank Capacity-icon

Tank Capacity

73.0/75.0/83.0 L



2 Seater




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Base Variant


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Top Variant

V10 Plus

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R8 Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Audi R8 specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine choices, fuel efficiency, torque, power, transmission, dimensions, and trunk capacity. Additionally, gain insights into the car's advanced safety features and infotainment system.

Engine CC

4163,5204 CC




8.1 - 16.9 KM/L

Max Torque

430,540,560 Nm

Max Power

423,533,602 bhp




4440 mm /2037 mm /1252 mm

Boot Space

112 L

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What's New?

Audi’s second generation R8 V10 Plus featurs a naturally aspirated 5.2 litre, V10 engine outputting 610bhp and 57.10kgm torque. The new R8 also houses a modified all-wheel drive Quattro system.

Revealed first at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the new Audi R8 V10 was launched in India at the 13th Auto Expo priced at Rs 2.47 crore (ex-showroom, Delhi). The sports car has looks to die for featuring large honey-comb mesh grille in front and bigger air-intakes. Cabin gets a premium treatment and a host of technical aides like the configurable 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit and newly developed bucket seats etc. Under the hood, is the high capacity 5.2 litre, naturally aspirated V10 engine outputting massive power. The 7-speed S-tronic gearbox with three driving modes channelizes drive to permanent quattro all-wheel drive system.

Audi R8 V10 Plus Exterior

Audi has kept the styling simple yet appealing rendering R8 the perfect sports car look. The front end features a single-frame honey-comb mesh grille and futuristic LED headlamps.  There is also an option for laser lights that can double the range to 600 meters. The sharp lines on the large hood and flared wheel arches on side along with 20 inch alloy wheels and ORVMs go well with the sporty semblance. Rear comes with CRPF fixed rear wing and diffuser placed between tailpipes.

Audi R8 V10 Plus Interior

Inside, Audi R8 V10 Plus features new bucket seats wrapped with premium leather upholstery and 12.3 inch virtual cockpit that replaces most of the buttons and knobs seen in the preceding model.

Audi R8 V10 Plus Engine Specifications & Transmission

The powerful 5.2 litre, naturally aspirated V10 engine powering R8 is rated at 610bhp. Transmission channelizing power to the quattro all-wheel drive system is a seven-speed S-tronic unit with three driving modes. The engine sprints to 100km/h mark from rest in lightning fast 3.2 seconds and hits top speed mark of 330km/h which is pretty impressive.

Audi R8 V10 Plus Accessories & Infotainment

The sports car gets an option for the 500-Watt Bang & Olufsen sound system,  Audi phone box, MMI navigation plus with MMI touch, Audi’s virtual cockpit, Audi’s music interface, Bluetooth interface.

Audi R8 V10 Plus Braking & Handling

The vigorous braking power is provided by ceramic brakes, front gets the 6-piston fixed-calliper brake and rear is equipped with the 4-piston fixed-calliper brake.

Audi R8 V10 Plus Comfort & Convenience

Bucket seats with heated function, climate control, power adjusting and power folding ORVMs with integrated LED indicators and storage package are some of the on board comfort features.

Audi R8 V10 Plus Wheels & Tyres

The forged aluminium wheels are available in multiple designs and finish options  including 10-spoke Y gloss turned finish, 5-twin-spoke design in matte titanium look and 5-twin-spoke  in gloss anthracite black gloss finish.

Audi R8 V10 Plus Competition

The luxury sposts car segment in India is petite in size and offers only a handful of models, in this segment R8 V10 Plus fights rivals including Mercedes-Benz AMT GT, BMW i8 and Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

Expert Review on Audi R8

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The Audi brand has traditionally been associated with luxury automobiles of the highest calibre. Beginning in the 1980s with the release of the Audi Quattro, Audi established itself as an innovator in a wide variety of cutting-edge technology, including all-wheel drive and turbocharged engines, amongst others. In recent years, Audi has been working on a new model of automobile, and this new model, the R8, is certain to garner a lot of attention.

The Audi R8 is a 2-seater sports car with a mid-engine that employs Audi's renowned quattro permanent all-wheel drive technology. In 2006, it was unveiled by German automaker Audi AG. Because of its stunning good looks and blisteringly quick speed, the Audi R8 is a sports car that should not be overlooked.

How is the Design?

The R8's basic framework is based on the Audi Space Frame, and it features an aluminium monocoque that is constructed according to space frame principles. Audi has maintained a straightforward and attractive design for the R8, giving it the appearance of the ideal sports car. A single-frame honeycomb mesh grille and forward-looking LED headlamps can be found on the front end of the vehicle. There is also the possibility of utilizing laser beams, which can extend the range to a staggering 600 meters. The sporty appearance is enhanced by features such as the huge hood's angular lines, the flared wheel arches on the sides, the 20-inch alloy wheels, and the outside rear-view mirrors with integrated turn signals. The rear is equipped with a CRPF fixed rear wing as well as a diffuser that is positioned between the tailpipes.

How does it perform?

The Audi R8's 5.2-liter V10 engine delivers impressive levels of power and performance. The automobile is additionally outfitted with a selection of exciting luxuries that are included in the purchase price. For example, the Audi R8 is capable of reaching a high speed of 270 kilometres per hour (168 miles per hour). Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a number of different safety features that provide it a risk-free alternative for the purpose of transportation as it is available in a wide selection of colours and body styles, the Audi R8 is an excellent choice for any driver. The vehicle comes with a number of additional conveniences, including leather seats and sound systems.

1. What is the Torque Figure?

Its maximum torque of 560 Nm is delivered at a rate of 6,500 1/min.

2. What is the Power?

The max power of Audi R8 is 602bhp@8250rpm.

3. What is the Top Speed?

The Audi R8 top speed is an incendiary 203.8 MPH.

How’s the Mileage?

2009 marked the first year of production for the Audi R8, which is a high-performance sports car. It is powered by a 4.2-liter V8 engine that is capable of producing 552 horsepower and 443 foot-pounds of torque. As a direct consequence of this, the Audi R8 is one of the most potent and speedy sports vehicles available on the market. In addition, the Audi R8 is equipped with a seven-speed S tronic transmission, which allows for high speeds of 253 miles per hour. The Audi R8 is an excellent choice for motorists who want an exciting and adventurous experience behind the wheel.

In the year 2003, Audi debuted their first iteration of their high-performance sports car known as the R8. Michael Mauer is responsible for the development of the vehicle's custom 4-cylinder engine that has dual turbochargers. This engine has the potential to produce both 516 pound-feet of torque and 580 horsepower simultaneously. Additionally, the Audi R8 comes equipped with a dual-clutch transmission that has seven different gears, which helps the vehicle achieve its enhanced top speed. In just 3.2 seconds, the Audi R8 can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour, and it also comes standard with all-wheel drive. In addition, the Audi R8 has a maximum speed of 204 miles per hour and can travel for 198 of those miles on a single tank of fuel. People who are looking for luxury without having to spend a lot of money on a vehicle will find the Audi R8 to be an excellent option because it is one of the most powerful sports cars currently available on the market.

How’s the Driving Experience?

The Audi R8 is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable and forward-thinking sports cars now available on the market. When you're behind the wheel of this Audi, you'll get a strong sense of both power and control due to the attention to detail paid by the manufacturer to the driving experience.

The Audi R8 has a 5.2-liter V10 engine, which is capable of producing 507 horsepower as well as 413 foot-pounds of torque. The ground breaking 7-speed quattro automatic transmission enables this engine to accelerate quickly while maintaining a smooth turning experience. In addition, the Audi R8 comes standard with all-wheel drive, which ensures superior handling in every weather condition.

The inside of the Audi R8 is fitted with high-end components and amenities such as sport seats, an Alcantara steering wheel, and a digital instrument cluster, among other things. The audio system features Bang & Olufsen speakers in addition to 11 other speakers, making it of the same high calibre as the rest of the sound system. Additionally, the Audi R8 comes equipped with a number of safety features, such as functions for a stopwatch that keep track of your lap times during races or speed tests, forward collision warning with autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning with active steering, and forward collision warning without autonomous emergency braking. All of these features are standard on the R8.

What’s the Interior like?

The inside of the Audi R8 was designed to be luxurious as well as sophisticated, and it features an abundance of components and finishes of the highest quality. The inside of the car is outfitted with a number of state-of-the-art conveniences, one of which is a touch screen display measuring 11.4 inches and having control over the climate system, audio system, and navigation system. The seats are cosy and roomy due to the ample space provided for both the legs and the head. Driving the Audi R8 is a pleasure because to the fact that all of the controls are conveniently located and easy to use. With the R8, Audi has successfully combined gorgeous aesthetics with performance that is more than adequate. Additionally, it has some of the best handling and comfort features of any supercar in its class.

Tech and Infotainment

The Audi R8 is recognised for its cutting-edge technologies as well as its streamlined appearance. Due to the numerous technological and informational capabilities of the car, it is among the most technologically advanced automobiles that are currently on the market.

In addition to other important technological and infotainment elements, the Audi R8 comes equipped with a wide variety of navigational tools, an electric sound system, and electronic stability control. As a result of the sound system being certified as Dolby Atmos, the experience of listening to music is one that is delightfully immersive. While the navigational tools give you with all of the information you need to find your way about town or on a lengthy road trip, the electronic stability control helps keep you safe in slippery circumstances.

It contains a wealth of information and entertainment systems that are at the cutting edge of technology, the Audi R8 is currently regarded as one of the best automobiles available on the market.

Safety Equipment

The Audi R8 is a luxurious and quick-moving high-performance sports car. It also has a high level of performance. As standard safety equipment, this automobile is equipped with airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction control, and collision sensors.

The Audi R8 also comes equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive as standard equipment. Because of this, the vehicle can have good handling both on the track and on the freeway. The R8 comes standard with a variety of high-end amenities, such as heated seats, an interior trimmed in fine leather, and an infotainment system that can hold its own against similar offerings found in far more expensive automobiles.

Which variant to buy?

If you are contemplating buying an Audi R8, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making the purchase. If you want more power, you may upgrade to a 6.0-liter V10 engine from the standard 5.2-liter engine that comes standard in the basic model. The automobile can also be purchased in a variety of various configurations, each of which comes with its own set of distinctive qualities and amenities.

If speed is your primary concern, selecting one of the S trim levels is a smart move. They have improved handling thanks to a revised suspension and braking system, as well as a speedier 5.2-liter V10 engine. If you are looking for additional luxury, the Plus versions include everything that is available in the S variants, with the exception of the increased power and torque that comes with the S variants. If you want the absolute best performance that can be had, your best bet is to go with one of the Ultimate models, which comes equipped with a 6.0-liter V12 engine and all-wheel drive. You're going to have a great time behind the wheel of an Audi R8, no matter which model you choose.

Which Cars Compete in this Segment?

The Audi R8 is both one of the most powerful and expensive automobiles that can be purchased anywhere in the world. It goes up against other pricy premium vehicles such as the Lamborghini Aventador, the McLaren 650S, and the Bentley Bentayga.

The Audi R8 has gone through annual redesigns ever since it was first introduced in the year 2009. Both the base and S versions of the 2019 Audi R8 are available to customers to choose from. The most recent price for the 2-seater coupe Audi R8 was between 2.30 and 2.72 crores.

There is a selection of engine configurations available for the Audi R8. The base model is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine that is capable of producing 605 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. The intermediate model is powered by a V8 engine that is 4.0 litres in capacity and produces 485 horsepower along with 443 pound-feet of torque. The flagship model's 6.0-liter V12 engine produces 800 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque, making it the most powerful automobile in the line-up.

The Audi R8 is offered with a wide variety of different transmission choices. The base model comes with a dual clutch automatic transmission that only has seven speeds, while the middle model has an eight-speed automatic transmission that comes standard with quattro all-wheel drive (AWD).

Verdict (Value for Money?)

The Audi R8 may be purchased for anywhere from £130,000 and £200,000 depending on the trim level. However, does the vehicle measure up to the expectations that were set for it?

The price of an Audi R8 automobile is often extremely reasonable. They are of high quality and offer a variety of different performance possibilities to choose from. There are a few things you ought to take into consideration before purchasing one of them.

For instance, if you plan to use your Audi R8 mostly for weekend excursions, the 2.7-liter engine that comes standard on the base model might not have sufficient power for your needs. On more premium variants, the 3.0 litre V10 is an option; however, there is an additional expense associated with it. If you take part in track days on a regular basis or require maximum power all the time, it may be beneficial to make the investment in the 3.0 litre V10 engine.

Additionally, it is important to take into consideration the accoutrements that may be purchased separately for each variant of the Audi R8. These can be quite pricey, but they are necessary in order to determine whether or not the vehicle is truly worth the money you are investing in it. On some versions, for instance, heated seats and a Bang & Olufsen sound system are extras that can be purchased as an option, while on others, they are must. Make sure you are aware of the optional add-ons that come with the vehicle of your choosing before you decide to make a purchase.

Audi R8 Price List (Variant Wise)

Audi R8 Ex-Showroom price ranges from ₹ 2.54 to 2.72 Crore. Audi offers R8 in 2 variants. The top variant of R8 is V10 Plus and the base variant is V10.


Last Recorded Price

R8 V10
₹ 2.54 Crore
5204 CC, Petrol, 16.9 KM/L, Manual
R8 V10 Plus
₹ 2.72 Crore
5204 CC, Petrol, 16.1 KM/L, Manual

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Audi R8 Mileage

97 %
Better mileage than other Coupe
73.0,75.0,83.0 L Fuel Tank Capacity

What is the fuel efficiency of Audi R8

Check R8 Mileage in Detail

R8 Colour Options

View All R8 Colours

Audi R8 is available in 11 different colors namely Brilliant Red, Ibis White, Teak Brown, Ice Silver, Suzuka Grey, Daytona Grey, Sepang Blue, Samoa Orange, Phantom Black, Estoril Blue & Panther Black.

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4163,5204 ccN/A2894 CC2979 CC1997 CC2995 CC
8.1 - 16.9 KM/L505 Km/Full Charge11.1 KM/L10.13 KM/L10.85 - 15.3 KM/L8.84 - 10.75 KM/L
Fuel Type
Seating Capacity
2 Seater5 Seater4 Seater2 Seater2 Seater4 Seater
Fuel Tank Capacity
73.0,75.0,83.0 LN/A58.0 L52.0 L63.0 L75.0 L
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  • Audi R8 ex-showroom price in New Delhi starts at Rs. 2.72 Crore. The Audi R8 on road price in New Delhi is Rs. 3.18 Crore.
  • As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Audi R8 Petrol variant returns 16.10 Kmpl.
  • According to the experts, It is the latest mean machine from the four-ringed Bavarian stable, and is set to excite and exhilarate. The new generation Audi R8 Spyder is the topless or convertible avatar of the second generation of the flagship sports car, which launched last y...

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