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Last Recorded Price:
46,650 - 51,476

Hero Splendor Pro Overview

Engine Capacity-icon

Engine Capacity

97.2 CC



65 KM/L

Fuel Tank Capacity-icon

Fuel Tank Capacity

11.0 L



4 Speed

Hero Splendor Pro Prices

Hero Splendor Pro price starting from 46,650. Hero offers Splendor Pro in 5 variants.


Last Recorded Price

Splendor Pro Kick Start Drum Brake Spoke Wheel

Petrol, 65 KM/L, 97.2 CC

Splendor Pro Self Start Drum Brake Spoke Wheel

Petrol, 65 KM/L, 97.2 CC

Splendor Pro Kick Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel

Petrol, 65 KM/L, 97.2 CC

Splendor Pro Self Start Drum Brake Black Alloy Wheel

Petrol, 65 KM/L, 97.2 CC

Splendor Pro Self Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel

Petrol, 65 KM/L, 97.2 CC

Hero Splendor Pro Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Hero Splendor Pro specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine, fuel efficiency, mileage, brakes, max power, and tyre. Additionally, gain insights into the bike's advanced safety features.

Engine CC

97.2 CC




65 KM/L


Drum, Internal expanding shoe type/Drum, Internal expanding shoe type

Max Torque

8.05 Nm

Max Power

8.24 bhp


2.75 x 18 - 42 P / 4 PR, Unidirectional Tyre/ 2.75 x 18 - 48 P / 6 PR, Unidirectional Tyre

  • YesSide Stand Indicator
  • YesPower Start
  • YesConvenient Power Start
  • YesRear Carrier Available as Optional Accessory
  • YesStylish Alloy Wheels
  • YesWide Comfortable Seat With Broad Rear Grip
  • YesPremium 3D Splendor Emblem
  • YesSporty Tail Light
  • YesAdvanced APDV Engine with Super Mileage

Hero Splendor Pro Mileage

45 %
Better mileage than other Commuter
Check Splendor Pro Mileage in Detail

Hero Splendor Pro Colours

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Hero Splendor Pro is available in 8 different colors namely Candy Blazing Red, Heavy Grey, Black Purple, Black/Red, Shield Gold, Cloud Silver, Palace Maroon & Black Monotone.

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Hero Splendor Pro
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Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 46,650 - 51,476 ₹ 52,915 - 63,578 ₹ 77,378 - 82,878 ₹ 1.06 - 1.1 L₹ 73,400₹ 1.31 - 1.48 L
C&B Expert Rating
Engine CC
97.2 CC102.0 CC124.7 CC162.7 CC109.5 CC199.5 CC
4 Gears4 Gears4 Gears5 Gears4 Gears6 Gears
65 KM/L96.90 Km/L65.00 Km/L62.00 Km/L74.00 Km/L35.00 Km/L
Max Torque
8.05 bhp8.30 Nm11.00 Nm14.00 Nm9.30 Nm18.30 Nm
Max Power
8.24 Nm7.70 bhp10.50 bhp12.70 bhp9.00 bhp23.17 bhp
Drum, Internal expanding shoe type/Drum, Internal expanding shoe typeDrum (Front) / Drum (Rear)Drum (Front) / Drum (Rear)Disc (Front) / Drum (Rear)Drum (Front) / Drum (Rear)Petal Disc with floating caliper (Front) / Petal Disc with floating caliper (Rear)
Fuel Tank Capacity
11.0 L11.0 L10.5 L13.0 L8.0 L12.0 L
Colour Count
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About Hero Splendor Pro

This roadster checks all the necessary boxes it needs to make it one of the best commuter bikes in the market. Hero has understood its vast customer base and has come up with variants for each. For people who would want a self-starting option, you can find the Hero Splendor Pro quite suitable, and similarly for the rider who trusts more in kick-starters. Hero has made sure that each type of customer finds the kind of bike they want and does not have to look anywhere else. Along with that, you can also get an option to choose between spoked tyres and alloy wheels. While alloy wheels have become the new corm of Indian bikes, some people are still more inclined to buying spoked versions, and the hero has efficiently made a note of that.

Even though the bike seat is made for two people to sit comfortably together, it is wide and long enough to fit a third person. However, depending on the laws present in your state and the risk factor it comes with, tripling on a bike should always be avoided. Since this is a commuter bike, the hero understood that riders would have to sit on the bike for long hours of journey. This is why they have cushioned it well and ensured that no stone is left unturned in making the bike comfortable for long rives as well as busy city streets. That said, when it comes to off-roading, this bike is not the best one you can buy. There are several other bikes that ride off-roads a lot better. However, all those bikes are mainly made for that purpose, while this is mainly made for city roads. This should not take away from the fact that with its amazing ground clearance, you can scarcely but efficiently tackle everyday off-road situations.

While not the most powerful engine, this bike’s technical prowess really impresses in its segment. With an engine capacity of 97.2 CC, this bike can really give you high numbers when compared to similar other bikes. For starters, you can achieve a maximum power of 8.24 bhp @ 8000 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.05 Nm @ 5000 rpm. These numbers are really remarkable when it comes to a bike so reasonably priced. On top of that, the hero has always been known for its efficiency and has not been disappointed with this bike. Along with such a powerful engine for its segment, you get some of the highest numbers when it comes to mileage. With a fuel tank capacity of 11 litres, this 4-speed bike offers a mileage of 65Kmpl, which is considered a gold standard in this segment of bikes.

Apart from the hero's amazing customer service and reliable parts, what sets the Hero Splendor pro apart in the market is its practicality and efficiency. However, customers often relate the word 'practical' with boring or old, but this bike is anything but that. It comes with amazing graphics that set a more young and exciting tone. That said, its main highlight is the best-in-class petrol efficiency and its strong and robust built structure that can provide years of use and service.

Hero Splendor Pro Expert Review

How is the design of Hero Splendor pro?

In a single sentence, the Hero Splendor pro can be said to be a more stylised version of its predecessor. With all-new graphics, a sporty windshield visor, and the all-new halogen headlamp, among other things, this bike surely stands out in the market. The paint job on this is sharp and quite durable, with the graphics only accentuating it further.  Apart from that, you also get a newly designed stylish tail lamp; exhaust muffles with a chrome finish, clearer LED indicators and a 3D Splendor logo that only makes the whole look of the bike better. While the earlier Spendor design was basic and not too out there, this time, the hero has really amped up their game and made it a lot more appealing and extravagant. You will surely turn heads while riding this bike.

How does the Hero Splendor proride?

Another thing you should definitely consider before investing in a bike is its ride quality. While most of the features have been taken from the predecessor of the Hero Splendor Pro, this time, the hero has spent a lot of time perfecting every one of them. Starting from the throttle to the clutch and brakes, all of the essential components of the bike have been revitalised and made more efficient. Judging from the test numbers presented by the hero, this bike surely is worth its price.

How comfortable is Hero Splendor pro?

When it comes to comfort, Hero Splendor Pro has not left any stone unturned. They have made their seats long and wide and also provided broad grab rails to ensure that both the rider and pillion can sit on them comfortably. Not only that, but the sponging of the seats has also been tactfully placed. This ensures that there is no discomfort, and you can take the bike for longer distances. However, when it comes to safety, this bike cuts some corners to ensure that the price does not get too high. That said, the new safety regulations mandate every bike under 125CC to come with a combined braking system, and the hero has promised to offer a model variant with an Integrated Braking System (IBS) soon.

How's the tech?

As far as the tech goes, the Hero Splendor Pro does not include anything out of the ordinary. However, it comes loaded with the standard features that consist of an electric start and a stylish instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is big enough to show all important information like the fuel left in the tank, the speed of the bike as well as the headlamp indicator, and other basic information of similar nature. All in all, the Hero Splendor Pro gets an instrument cluster in the style of a triple-pod cockpit assembly that is informative but not very distracting at the same time.

How's the Mileage of the Hero Splendor pro?

This is the main benefit of buying the Hero Splendor Pro. If you want a bike that is not only powerful but also efficient when it comes to mileage while also being reasonably priced, you will not find a better option than this in the market. Its efficiently engineered 97.2 CC engine allows the bike to provide a whopping mileage of 65 KMPL, ensuring you do not miss out on long rides or get stuck in between looking for a petrol pump.

How is the performance of Hero Splendor pro?

As is evident from the answers above, while the Hero Splendor Pro has made huge strides in providing its customers with a reasonable yet comfortable bike, they have done very little to make the bike’s engine powerful and safe. It comes with a basic set of drum brakes on both wheels. Even though a disc option would be safer, the 110 mm rear and 130 mm front brakes do their job efficiently. The suspension setup is comfortable and supple, making the ride quality quite amazing. That said, the telescopic hydraulic suspension unit in the front and the 5-step hydraulic shock absorbers in the back really help the comfort of the bike, further enhancing its performance.

Is the Hero Splendor proa good value?

Being on the cheaper side of the financial spectrum, the Hero Splendor Pro can be said to be quite a good value for money. Even with the low price, it ensures to add the required features to ensure safety and heighten performance. On top of that, this bike is the perfect example of what a commuter bike should be like. That said, it also has amazing looks with all-new graphics and alloy wheels. You should definitely consider buying this bike if you are looking for an easy, reasonable, and efficient bike for Indian Roads.

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Hero Splendor Pro FAQs

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  • The seat on the Hero Splendor Pro is well-cushioned and provides adequate support for long rides. The seat height is also suitable for most riders, and the overall design of the seat ensures maximum comfort for both the rider and the pillion passenger.
  • The Hero Splendor Pro comes with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and a swing arm with 5-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber at the rear. This setup provides a comfortable ride, especially on uneven surfaces. The adjustable rear suspension allows riders to adjust the ride height according to their preference, which can further improve overall comfort.
  • The position of the footpegs on the Hero Splendor Pro is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort for the rider. The footpegs are positioned in a way that the rider's legs are slightly bent, allowing for a comfortable riding posture that reduces strain on the knees and back.
  • The Hero Splendor Pro features a 97.2 cc air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. This engine is designed to provide good low-end torque and acceleration, making it ideal for city riding. Its power output is 8.36 PS at 8000 RPM, while its peak torque is 8.05 Nm at 5000 RPM.
  • The Hero Splendor Pro comes with a four-speed manual transmission that is well-suited for its engine capacity. The transmission provides smooth shifting and good control over the bike's speed and acceleration. Its handling is also improved by its telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and a rear swing arm with a 5-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber.
  • The fuel efficiency of the Hero Splendor Pro is one of its main selling points, as it is capable of delivering up to 70 km/l on the highway and 60 km/l in city conditions. This makes it an excellent option for those who are looking for a practical and efficient bike for daily use.
  • The Hero Splendor Pro has a classic design language with a simple and understated look. It features smooth lines and curves, with minimal bodywork to give it a clean and uncluttered appearance.
  • The fuel tank on the Hero Splendor Pro is teardrop-shaped and has a capacity of 11 liters. The tank has a smooth surface with no sharp edges, giving it a sleek look.
  • The front fascia of the Hero Splendor Pro features a small headlight with a chrome bezel, flanked by turn signals. The front fender is short and angular, adding to the bike's sporty appearance.

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