5 Fiat Cars That Should Return to Indian Roads Today

Fiat cars are no longer seen on Indian roads and they are sorely missed. For all the memories that the automaker has given us, we hope they make a comeback soon.

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Published on January 14, 2022

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    For decades, cars in India were synonymous with the Fiat: The Fiat 110 D, known here as the Premier Padmini specifically. It was first introduced in India in 1964 and ruled the roads for more than two decades. Along the way, a number of Fiar cars came and went. And in 2019, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles phased out cars in the country. However, Fiat is gone but not forgotten.  


    Let's take a trip down memory lane and look at five Fiat cars that we wish could make a comeback. 

    Fast and furious

    Fiat Abarth 595: 

    The sporty four-seater hatchback was introduced in India in 2015 as Fiat's answer to the Mini Cooper. The Abarth 595 is cutesy but powerful with a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine producing 160hp power and 230Nm torque. This little beast reaches 209kmph at its best. Priced at ₹29.85 lakh, it comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, a cool bumper, and a spoiler. Despite swoon-worthy features, the high price kept buyers away. The import was stopped in 2017 but we believe if there's one Fiat car that needs to make a comeback, it's this one.


    Fiat Punto Abarth: 

    Fiat collaborated with Abarth for this five-seater hatchback. The company introduced the car with the tagline ‘The steering wheel isn't just for steering, it's for holding on.” The Punto was equipped with power steering, automatic climate control, airbags, and power windows and designed for the adventurous lot. Its 1.4-litre petrol engine produced a horsepower of 145, and the torque stood at 212Nm. This suave and sporty hatch is truly desirable, especially for those who love a good race, but with a starting price of ₹9.74 lakh, the Punto found few takers in India. Production stopped in 2018.

    Not many cars can compete with the Punto even today when it comes to power and for that, it deserves a second chance. 


    Fit for Indian families

    Fiat Palio: 

    Palio was the car that brought success for Fiat in India and it was endorsed by none other than cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. It was a sturdy hot-hatch with great looks and scored high on comfort. However, fuel efficiency was a problem. It was launched in 2001 and had a successful run before being discontinued in 2010. It was affordable to the middle-class, costing ₹3.49 lakh, but what didn't work in its favour in the long run was the trust people were losing in the brand and its poor after-sale service.

    If Fiat ever decides to reintroduce the small car, it should undoubtedly be the Palio.


    Fiat Siena: 

    The Siena was the sedan version of the Palio and was first introduced in 1996. After the success of the Palio, which was credited with reviving Fiat's fortunes in India in the early noughties, Fiat relaunched the Siena in 2002. It pegged the sedan as a luxury car with the “best of Italian engineering, styling, and safety”. It was great on design but did not deliver on fuel efficiency, a common problem with Fiat cars. 


    Fiat Linea: 

    This sedan hit the market in 2009 and won early praise for its style. It ticked the right boxes when it came to appearances and its 125hp, 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine was a selling point. However, the car fell back in terms of value for money and the latest features. While the Fiat Linea was appreciated, it could not compete in a growing mid-size sedan market. The automaker discontinued the Linea even when the facelifts did not work in its favour. However, with an upgrade in comfort and modern features, Fiat Linea would make for a great personal vehicle.


    The Fiat story in India started on a great note but as more and more competitors entered the market its cars failed to catch up. The carmaker's focus is now on the Jeep and the Compass has made its mark since its 2017 launch. 


    While the market is flooded with world-class brands, Fiat has what no other automaker in India has: Nostalgia value. That's reason enough for it to give the Indian market another shot.

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