5 Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

We've all found ourselves in a situation where weve been in a hurry to get somewhere only to find out that our car wont start. While jump-starting or giving a push might have worked for you but do you think its the best way? Find Out.

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Published on June 20, 2022

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    Your car not starting could mean that the car battery needs to replaced. An average 12-volt batter used in cars could last upto 5 years before it requires a replacement. Depending upon your usage, auto care, seasonal changes and other factors the numbers of years can change. You should know that all car batteries loose their charging capacity and eventually needs replacement. This is why you should know when your battery could die. Here are five signs that you are nearly due for a new car battery.

    The key warning signs include to see if your ‘check engine' light is flashing or not. It usually means that the battery is slowing down though it could also mean that there are issues with the car's alternator. Also, pay close attention to the way the vehicle starts.

    Prominent Signs That Your Car Battery Need Replacement:

    1. The Engine is Difficult to Ignite/Turn Over


    If your car takes time to start or you have trouble starting it, it's a sign that the battery is wearing out and has become less effective. If this is the case then the battery takes longer receive a charge from alternator. Also, if you are hearing a click sound from the engine it's time to go to a mechanic and get the car batteries checked.

    1. Dim Lights and Issues with Electricals


    From Ac to radio system, everything in your car ius run its batteries. If the batteries are nearing to an end, the car will have a problem in running these things at full power. Also note, if you plug too many things in your car like multiple phone chargers the battery can die sooner.

    1. Strange Odour

    One of the telltale sign of a rotting battery is that the vehicle now has a very strong pungent smell. It could smell like a gas leak, or rotten eggs and worst scenarios something like a dead rat in your car. This is because the batteries contain sulfuric acid that can leak out if the batteries are damaged. This acid is dangerous and can also corrude other parts of the car.

    1. Excessive Corrosion


    The vehicle's battery should be clean when you opn its hood but if the case is otherwise there can be a corrosion issue. If you see white and ashy substance on the battery, its to time to take the car to a mechanic as corroded terminals at the top of the car can cause voltage issues. 

    1. Poor Performance in Extreme Weather Condition

    Generally, car batteries do not perform well in cold weather. An extremely cold weather can actually led to chemical reactions and freeze the car batteries but if you notice an unusual amount of battery slowdown, the batteries may have weakened too quickly.

    All of the above factors are the signs that your car battery is weak and needs replacement.

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