8.5 Lakh Audi Diesel Cars Recalled For Software Update

The affected V6 diesel or a V8 diesel engine have been used in all the top-end sedans and SUVs from the brand like - The Audi A8 and the Audi Q7.

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  • Audi has recalled 8.5 lakh cars with V6 and V8 diesel engines
  • The recall is to update the software to rectify the cars' emissions
  • Audi says the recall will make the cars unsusceptible to any diesel bans

Audi has issued a voluntary recall for 8.5 lakh diesel cars with either a V6 diesel or a V8 diesel engine. This means that all the top-end sedans and SUVs from the brand will be recalled to rectify their emissions. This recall also includes some Porsche and Volkswagen models which have the V6, V8 TDI engines EU5/EU6 engines.

The purpose of the voluntary recall is to update the software of affected cars in order to better the emissions in real-world driving conditions. Audi officials have been working with the German Federal Transport Authority (KBA) to implement the same. As a matter of fact, Audi has assured KBA that it will be co-operating throughout the investigation about the company using 'defeat device' to falsify emissions during a regulatory test. Of course, the German Transport Authority says that there will be consequences if it found out that Audi is indeed using defeat devices.


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Audi has claimed that the voluntary recall will also serve to make the cars not susceptible to any diesel bans that might come along in the future. Recently, Mercedes-Benz also carried out a similar recall where over 3 million cars were affected in Europe for the same reason. The recall is called to be an attempt from Audi to avoid being affected by a scandal similar to what Volkswagen had suffered with its dieselgate affair. One of Audi spokesperson also said that the move is a pre-emptive effort to put back faith in diesel as fuel and its future as well.

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