CES 2024: Honda 0 Series Saloon Concept Previews Future Flagship Electric Sedan

Honda says that the new 0 series will sit on a new dedicated EV platform with the first production vehicle arriving in 2026.

By Jaiveer Mehra


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Published on January 10, 2024

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  • New Honda 0 Series Saloon (Zero Series Saloon) previews future flagship EV
  • First 0 Series model to make global debut by 2026
  • Will feature Level 3 ADAS functionality

Honda arrived at the CES 2024 with a pair of all-electric concepts previewing a new EV series due to arrive in global markets from 2026. The first of these was a sleek-looking sedan simply called the 0 Series Saloon concept (read Zero Series Saloon). The 0 series is the name Honda has assigned to its new upcoming EV range with the models likely to be sold alongside its current and upcoming e:N range of EVs.

Honda 0 Series Saloon 1

The Saloon concept previews a future flagship EV from the Japanese carmaker.


Honda says that the 0 Series Saloon previews a flagship EV from Honda that will sit on a new electric vehicle platform with a focus on offering vehicles with low floors, sporty dynamics and efficient powertrains. The 0 Series Saloon for its part looks like a streamlined and futuristic sedan with a wedge-shaped nose, flowing roofline and high set rear end giving it an almost estate-like profile.


The nose is characterised by a digital panel housing a new look Honda ‘H’ logo – it will feature on future EVs. The panel adds a three-dimensional look to the fascia of the concept with the graphics making it appear as if the unit is inset as compared to the nose of the sedan. The main headlamps sit higher up the nose seemingly integrated into the base of the windshield than on the short bonnet.

Honda 0 Series Saloon 2 edited

The concept features unique digital interfaces at the front and rear.


The rear too features a similar 3D-effect illuminated panel with light rings as the front with Honda spelled out in the centre. The concept also features an extensive glass house with the low-set windscreen merging with a panoramic glass roof that stretches to the back of the passenger cell. What helps the concept stand out more are the pair of massive gullwing doors that stretch the length of the passenger cabin.

Honda 0 Series Saloon 3

The Saloon concept has an almost estate-like profile with the roofline remaining high up till the rear


Moving to the cabin, the concept features a four-seat layout with individual seats for all occupants. Honda says that the concept features a steer-by-wire system meaning that the steering has no direct connection to the front wheels. The yoke-style steering emerges out of the dashboard to greet the driver. The overall style is quite minimalist with digital screens visible near the centre console and on the passenger side.

Honda says that “the instrument panel features a human-machine interface (HMI) that enables simple and intuitive operations, realizing a sophisticated and seamless user interface.”

Honda 0 Series Saloon 4 edited

Cabin is minimalist with a yoke steering that extends out of the dashboard.


Honda at this time has not revealed any details on the powertrain aside from confirming that all 0 Series models will feature e-axles – the motor, inverter and gearbox integrated into the car’s axle. It also confirmed fast charging at a rate of 15 to 80 per cent in as little as 15 minutes for its new EV series as well as the use of high-density lightweight battery packs.


Honda also confirmed that all 0 Series models will come with its Honda Sensing Elite – its level 3 driver assistance systems that are currently only offered on the Honda Legend in some global markets. The vehicles will also be capable of ‘hands-off’ driving in a number of scenarios with an AI-based system being used on-board to learn driver preferences and adapt the vehicle accordingly.

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