Does Your Car Overheat When The AC Is On? - Symptoms, Causes and Solutions Guide

The air-con of your car might be keeping the cabin cool, but it can turn into a real issue if it ends up overheating the vehicle. Read the symptoms, causes, and fixes for this common car issue!

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Published on January 24, 2022

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    The air conditioner in your car is a lifesaver on scorching summer days. However, it can be a real bummer if operating an air-con is causing your vehicle to overheat.

    You might be curious to understand the causes behind this particular issue to find an ideal solution. Along with the symptoms and reasons behind car overheating when the AC is one, this guide also gives you the perfect solutions!

    What Are the Symptoms?

    How do you know that the car is overheating with the AC on? Here are the common signs that indicate car overheating:

    • The car physically feels hot.
    • In case you hear ticking sounds from the engine compartment.
    • Engine shutdown is another symptom.
    • If the engine emits a strange “hot” odour.
    • A sluggish car that fails to maintain the speed levels.
    • A cloud of steam emanating from under the car's hood.

    Photo Credit: pixabay.com

    Why Is My Car Overheating When AC is On?

    Now that you are aware of the overheating symptoms, you might be wondering about the causes. Let's explain the reasons behind car overheating when AC is on!

    1. The AC compressor is putting more load on the engine.
    2. There can be interferences and blockages within the radiator's internal pipes.
    3. The cooling fan is facing some defects.
    4. Your car's engine coolant is not signalling the control module properly.
    5. The condenser or water pump of the cooling system is incompetent.  

    Photo Credit: www.toyotaofclermont.com

    How to Fix It

    It's time to fix that overheating issue so that you can enjoy the chilled air without any worries. Follow these simple fixes:

    • Air Pressure Gauge Installation: You need to install an air pressure gauge to monitor air inflow. You can fix the air pressure gauge on any of the radiators.
    • Add More Water to Radiator: You should never leave the radiator of your car air con dry. One tip would be to use distilled water instead of tap water for this purpose.
    • Flush the Coolant System: By flushing the coolant system, you'll be getting rid of dirt, salts, rust, and other corrosive substances. Regular inspection of the coolant system will help you discover underlying issues timely.
    • Clean the Radiator: Cleaning the radiator will remove any blockages restricting the airflow passage. Also, use a radiator testing kit to inspect the leakages.
    • Replace Coolant Mixture: You need to replace the coolant mixture every two years or 40,000 km. Ensure that you pick a coolant mixture with the right concentration.

    Photo Credit: pixabay.com

    If your car is overheating and you notice the symptoms mentioned earlier, treat your vehicle with our fix-it guide!

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