Farhan Akhtar Talks to Us About the New Ford Figo Aspire and More

If you look at his career chronologically then it will read director, producer, writer, lyricist, actor, singer, Tv host and brand ambassador. Farhan Akhtar is versatile indeed, and now he's the brand ambassador for the Figo Aspire. We got a chance to talk to him about this new sub-4 metre car from Ford.

By Ameya Naik


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Published on May 2, 2015

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    When we talk about versatility in the Indian Film Industry, there are a bunch of names that crop up; but there are few who have donned as many hats as the person we are about to talk to. If you look at his career chronologically, it will read director, producer, writer, lyricist, actor, singer, TV host and brand ambassador. Yes, it's Farhan Akhtar and he is now the brand ambassador of Figo Aspire. We got a chance to talk to him about this new sub-4 metre car from Ford.

    Farhan is not new to cars and started driving at the age of 20. He said, "I loved being driven around, but at some point in time I had to get behind the wheel of the car and that's what happened." His first car was a hand-me-down Fiat, which his father - Javed Akhtar gifted him. Was he gutted then about the fact that his father got himself a Mercedes? "Not at all" he says "I was fortunate to have something to drive and get around and the Fiat was my perfect companion. I still enjoy driving and love taking the odd unplanned road trip."

    The Figo Aspire is Ford's next car to make an entry into the market and he's been shooting with the car for a few days in Mumbai itself. So, we asked him what he liked about this new offering. "I love the way it looks, I mean look at it, it's fabulously contemporary and it is great driving it around in city conditions. It's also got some nice features like the SYNC technology with the Ford Applink and Emergency assistance and then there are the airbags, which just make it a safe car."

    Farhan himself is an SUV fan and drives a Mercedes ML, so we asked him how he felt driving a sub-compact sedan. "It was genuinely fun, I was behind the wheel and absolutely enjoyed myself. It manoeuvres well and is to me a great city car."

    We further asked him the kind of driver he was and he said, "I enjoy driving around corners, just enjoy them, but I choose my time to have fun with the car and I am extremely responsible." So, does Farhan watch any TV shows related to automobiles? "I love Top Gear and was just sad that I won't be able to see the trio back on the show. It was a funny, knowledgeable and extremely well packaged. I will miss those guys."

    All that said, Farhan loves to keep up-to-date with new cars that are available in the market. He is a tech guy and reads about new cars, which come with some great technology and even reads reviews of cars that are of interest to him - fast cars. He says he's quite eager to see how people react to the Figo Aspire, in fact so are we.

    Last Updated on May 2, 2015

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