Ford Patents New Vehicle Mode Specifically For Drive-In Cinema

The new mode dims or turns off all sources of lighting as well as makes the car squat on the rear axle for that perfect viewing angle.

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Published on February 4, 2023

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    While patenting a technology doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make it into production, it doesn’t stop companies for rolling out newer and newer innovations. One such tech is Ford’s new vehicle mode for Drive-In Cinemas – open air cinemas where you can watch a movie from the comfort of your car.

    The tech uses vehicle parameter monitoring and live vehicle GPS to ascertain if the vehicle is parked up inside a drive-in cinema before throwing a prompt on the infotainment display to activate Car Cinema Mode. Hit yes and the car will kill power to the electric motors (if electric), tune the radio to catch the movie audio and dim all sources of interior and exterior lighting. This includes dimming the central touchscreen to the minimum as well as deactivating bits such as the digital instrument cluster, ambient lighting, LED daytime running lamps etc.

    The patent says that the infotainment screen could be used to display subtitles as well as order food and beverages in Cinema Mode.


    As per the patent, the car will even squat down at the rear – called a Carolina Squat - angling the view out at a more upward angle. The system is additionally also designed to use the heads-up display, infotainment display or the digital instrument cluster as a display for subtitles during a movie screening. The tech can also identify when the screening is over and prompt occupants to deactivate Cinema Mode or automatically deactivate should the driver press the start/stop button or turn the keys in the ignition to start the engine or electric drivetrain.

    The patent also goes on to say that the vehicle’s touchscreen could also be programmed to support the purchasing of tickets along with food and beverages. The patent drawing suggests that SUVs could be the target models for the system though it can not be ruled out for sedans.

    There is no confirmation if this technology will actually make it to production though it will certainly draw eyes at a drive-in theatre.


    Source: USPTO


    Last Updated on February 4, 2023

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