Hero Mavrick 440 vs Harley-Davidson X440; How Are They Different

The Hero Mavrick 440 is based on the Harley-Davidson X440, that is known. But how different are both motorcycles? We tell you all about the differences between the two sibling motorcycles.

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Published on February 20, 2024

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  • Hero Mavrick 440 & Harley-Davidson X440 share the same frame & engine
  • Both bikes are different in terms of design & cycle parts
  • The Harley-Davidson X440 is significantly more expensive than Hero Mavrick 440

The Hero Mavrick 440 and the Harley-Davidson X440 are same, same but different. It is true! Both motorcycles use the same steel trellis frame and the same engine as well. The X440 was launched in the middle of 2023, and it was a result of the collaboration between Hero MotoCorp and Harley-Davidson, two giants of the global two-wheeler industry. The Hero Mavrick 440 is now the flagship model from the company and is also the most powerful ‘Hero’ model ever! But how are these two motorcycles different? That’s what we tell you in this article. 


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The Harley-Davidson X440 looks more butch and has a retro appeal


The biggest and the most apparent difference between the two is the way they look. The Harley-Davidson X440 did polarise opinion with regards to its design and so does the Hero Mavrick 440, but they look quite different. The X 440 has taken styling elements from the H-D XR1200 and its overall design is more unique and imposing. The rear section, particularly the fender, also stands out. The design has a butch and a modern classic feel to it. 

The Mavrick feels more toned down than the X440. It looks more commuter-ish


The Mavrick 440 is a roadster. But with a more commuter-esque design. The front end, with the round LED headlight, matte silver tank extensions and side panels and the telescopic fork make the bike look more commuter-ish and less butch. Plus, the base-spec model of the Mavrick gets spoke wheels, which will be more of a differentiator between the two motorcycles. 


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Colour Options

The Mavrick gets 5 colour options while the X440 gets 4


The Hero Mavrick 440 is offered in five colours spread across three variants – Phantom Black, Enigma Black, Celestial Blue, Fearless Red and Artic White. The H-D X440 on the other hand, gets four colours spread across three variants, Mustard Denim, Dark Silver, Thick Red and Matte Black. 


Engine Specifications

Both bikes get the same engine, making the same power output. But the Mavrick makes 2 Nm less at the same rpm


The Hero Mavrick 440 gets the same engine as the Harley-Davidson X440 – a 440 cc air/oil-cooled single-cylinder engine which is fuel injected and makes 27 bhp at 6,000 rpm along with 36 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The H-D X440 makes the same power at same rpm but makes 38 Nm at the same rpm. Both motorcycles are paired to a 6-speed gearbox.  But the difference of 2 Nm in the torque output is more or less nullified by the fact that the top-spec Mavrick is 3.5 kg lighter than the top-spec X440. The Mavrick weighs in at 187 kg, while its Harley cousin weighs 190.5 kg.


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Cycle Parts

The X440 gets a bigger 18-inch front wheel with 43 mm KYB USD fork


The other big difference is in the cycle parts of both motorcycles. The Harley-Davidson X440 gets 43 mm KYB USD fork while the Hero Mavrick 440 gets 43 mm regular telescopic fork up front. Both bikes get dual shock absorbers at the rear. 

The Mavrick gets a 17-inch wheel up front along with 43 mm telescopic fork


The Hero gets a 17-inch wheels at both ends, while the Harley gets a bigger 18-inch wheel up front and a 17-inch unit at the rear. The bigger front wheel on the Harley makes a difference to the visual appeal as well. 



The Mavrick 440 gets a horizontal LCD console, while the X440 gets a vertical full-colour TFT unit


Both bikes get the same set of features, which include dual-channel ABS, full LED lighting and Bluetooth connectivity on the top-spec model. But the Hero gets a horizontal LCD digital console while the Harley gets a premium-looking full colour TFT console, which is vertically positioned.



The Hero Mavrick 440's prices range from Rs. 1.99 lakh to Rs. 2.24 lakh


Lastly, the price! The base variant of Hero Maverick 440 is priced at Rs. 1.99 lakh while the mid and the top-spec models are priced at Rs. 2.14 lakh and Rs. 2.24 lakh respectively. The base model gets spoked wheels while the mid and top models get alloy wheels. 

The Harley-Davidson X440 is priced from Rs. 2.40 lakh to Rs. 2.80 lakh, which is significantly more expensive than the Mavrick 440


Harley offers three variants on the X440 – Denim, Vivid and the ‘S’. Yes, three names which are not so related to each other. The denim variant is the base model, that gets wire-spoked wheels. The Vivid gets alloy wheels along with few added features. The top-spec S variant gets diamond-cut alloys, machined fins on the engine head cover and Bluetooth connectivity tech.

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