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Home Appliance Maker Dyson Announces Electric Car Plans

Electronic maker Dyson, renown for making innovative home appliance solutions has announced an entry into the electric mobility segment. Dyson will aim to launch a new electric car by 2020

Dyson will look to launch an electric car by 2020 expand View Photos
Dyson will look to launch an electric car by 2020


  • Dyson is known for its home appliances, especially Vacuum Cleaners!
  • Dyson will launch a new electric car by 2020, will not target mass market
  • Investment of 2 Billion British Pounds put into electric car project

Renowned electric appliance manufacturer and innovation giant Dyson has officially announced a move into the electric mobility sector by 2020. The announcement came via an email that James Dyson, founder and chief engineer sent to the whole group recently that indicated a move into the electric mobility space in the next few years with a new car in order to combat the global problem of air pollution - especially in major cities around the world. Although no information on the vehicle exists at this point in terms of which segment it would be placed in, James Dyson has said that it would not be targeted towards the mass market. An investment of £2 billion has also been allocated for the electric car project.

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Dyson is known globally for its innovative home appliances, most famously for its hoovers or more commonly known as vacuum cleaners that revolutionised the way home cleaning solutions were looked at a few decades ago. The move into electric mobility might be surprising for some but considering the fact that most electric cars are after all an appliance in a larger scale, it will not be uncommon to see more and more tech and electronic consumer goods manufacturers move into the electric mobility space. The electric car project will be based out of a former Royal Air Force Base at Hullavington in Wiltshire where the team is expected to begin research operations early next year.

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James Dyson went on to add that the team working on the electric vehicle project was already 400 people strong and would be growing to meet engineering and technological demands. He added that since the competition for new technology in the automotive industry is fierce, Dyson would at this time not reveal any information about the project and try and keep it as secretive as possible. While Dyson's move into the electric mobility market heralds a new chapter in the life of an innovative brand we wouldn't be surprised to see the likes of other major tech and electric appliance manufacturers enter the market with electric mobility solutions. Maybe in the future we might see LG and Samsung cars then!

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