How Do F1 Teams Work?

When we watch the F1 races, we are unaware of the teamwork and coordination behind each team. Let's shed light on how F1 teams work and team up to compete in thrilling races!

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Published on January 29, 2022

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    They say soccer and cricket are team sports. But, if you consider the planning and teamwork that goes into prepping the racer and vehicle for each race, you'll understand why F1 fanatics deem it as team sports.

    Each F1 team includes complex structures and several departments. The number of employees in a small and large group ranges between 200 to 1,200. This article will give you insights into how these F1 teams work and several roles and departments in them!


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    F1 Team Structure

    The two racers and their vehicles are not all that represents an F1 team. Every team includes hundreds of employees divided across different departments. These departments work in sync to ensure that every leg of the process is smooth and well-planned.

    Depending on the budget, the number of team members can significantly vary. For instance, Ferrari has a dynamic team structure since it designs and manufactures the components.

    In smaller-sized teams, one person might be responsible for several tasks. The resources are limited, so people in small groups have to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.


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    Roles & Responsibilities in F1 Teams

    • These are some of the key departments and roles in an F1 team. Let's dive into the details!
    • Team Principal: As the name suggests, they are the director/head of the team. In the case of teams owned by auto manufacturers, they put their top employees in this position.
    • Managers: Managers partake in supervising different departments. Large teams typically have more than one manager, and such groups have complicated structures.
    • Assistants: Assistants are responsible for organizing the events, calendars, and procedures. This department consists of secretaries, personal assistants, and receptionists.
    • Race Engineers: Race engineers manage races and communicate with the drivers. There are several types of engineers – reliability, stability, electronics, data, systems, track.
    • Designers: Designers look after the overall design of the car and individual components.
    • Aerodynamicists: Aerodynamicists are aeronautical engineers who ensure speed and drag efficiency of the car. To perform this, these employees use the wind tunnel to inspect the vehicle.
    • R&D Engineers: These engineers take the responsibility of planning, research, development, and introducing improvements and innovations to the car designs.
    • Production: The production team manufactures and develops different car parts. However, smaller F1 units usually outsource these tasks.
    • Race Mechanics: You can spot the race mechanics in every Grand Prix. These people are responsible for repairing and replacing the car's parts during the breaks.

    Team Members on the Grid

    You might be wondering what team members on the grid are responsible for and what they do. Mechanics equip the grid trolleys to get the garage to the location. Also, the racers take a quick isolation lap to identify any gaps or issues. Fifty minutes before the race starts, the mechanics occupy the grid, whereas the engineers get ready on the pit wall.

    The car arrives at the grid after the isolation lap at approximately 35 mins before the race. Meanwhile, the mechanics inject the vehicle and equip them with carbon wheel boards. There are also last-minute inspections and checks.

    When it's just 12 minutes down to the race, the driver occupies the car, and mechanics adjust the tires.


    Photo Credit: wallpapercave.com

    Formula 1 teams have a complicated structure and operations. Motorsports require immense team coordination, which makes it all the more admirable!

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