How Much Will Electric Vehicle Charging Cost You In India?

The future of transportation has reached a fork in the road. Electric Vehicles come to mind whenever oil prices go up, or global warming is addressed and discussed.

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Published on April 30, 2022

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  • Car companies are working on improving the range of Electric Vehicles
  • The lack of charging stations is a big impediment in the popularity of
  • The central government is working on plans to make EVs preferred

Electric Vehicles are still a work in progress, despite multiple different car companies entering various segments of the EV in India, considerable capital invested in the field, and big execution efforts. The problem is that the high initial cost and lack of charging facilities remain important problems with electric vehicles. Read on to determine how much electric vehicle charging will cost you in India.


Methods Of Charging

Firstly, there are two methods of charging when it comes to EVs. The advantage of EVs is that they can be charged anywhere. You can charge your electric car at home if you have street parking and a dedicated charger for your EV. This is generally the most convenient location for charging, especially if you can plug in for the night. An EV can take anything from 40 minutes to 7-8 hours to charge up to 90 percent, depending on your model, how big the battery is, and how efficient the charging port is. Rapid chargers, on the other hand, can cut this time down to just about 20-30 minutes.

Cost Of Charging

The battery capacity is generally between 20 and 40 kWh for most EVs in India. Suppose you charge your electric vehicle at your home. In that case, the cost will be determined by your state's electricity rate, which typically runs from Rs 8 to Rs 10 per unit—charging stations in Delhi average around Rs 4 kWh, while domestic rates can range anywhere between Rs 2-9 per unit. This implies that changing your EV at a proper charging station will cost you anywhere between Rs 100-200, while charging it at home would cost you Rs 180-500. Charging outlets in Pune cost Rs 114-116 per unit, so you'll spend around Rs 400-500.


Finding Nearby Charging Stations

India does not have a widespread network of electric vehicle charging stations. On the other hand, EV manufacturers have promised to construct a large charging station network in the future. Thanks to charging station providers and different applications from key charging network providers, finding yourself an EV charging point is no longer a bother. Here are a few apps that might assist you in finding charging outlets in your area –

  • Statiq - Statiq is an aggregator software that displays electric vehicle charging locations across India. The Statiq app allows users to monitor charging stations and reserve a spot and pay online directly from the app. One of the advantages of Statiq is that it lets users plan a route and view charging points along the way.
  • ChargeList - ChargeList is an EV charging station aggregation website in India and one of the best. Around 190+ charging outlets are listed on the website, which spans the nation. Users may look for the location of a charging station near them and go there to charge.

Charging costs for EVs might seem costly, but they are much better than the rising diesel/petrol prices in the long-term view. EVs are the future of the country.

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