How To Choose the Best Engine Oil for Your Bike

In this article, we will learn what are engine oil and why are they important for the smooth functioning of bikes. Here are the factors for looking for the engine oil that is the most suitable for our bikes along with the types of engine oils available in the market.

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Published on June 18, 2022

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    To make sure our bike gives us a trouble-free and smooth ride all the time, we must take proper care and maintain the properties of the bike engine at all costs as it is the fundamental factor in the working of a motorbike. Engine oils for bikes are considered as important as blood in human beings and therefore, lubricating the engine and changing oil from time to time is one of the most important tasks that we must do without fail. Why is oiling the engine so important? 

    Function of Engine Oil:

    • Cooling:
      When the engine of the bike gets heated up due to the endless functioning of the machinery, engine oils cool down the temperature and act as a coolant and run your two-wheelers for a long time without getting damaged.

    • Lubrication:
      Constant frictional energy generated by the operation of the engine damages the engine components over time, causing a drop in the vehicle's efficiency, productivity and durability. This engine oil saves the day by forming a very thin coating that prevents frequent interactions between the elements by a considerable margin, resulting in a reduction in total heat generated by friction.

    • Sealing:
      Engine sealing and the coating of cranks and pistons are also performed by lubricating oil. In between different engine parts, a shielding layer is formed that seals any openings which may have emerged.

    Types of Engine Oils:

    • Mineral Oils:
      Mineral oils are natural oils that are used as the basic lubrication fluid. They offer extra security for new engines for bikes with low engine capacity and low mechanical outputs. The composition of these lubricants forbids the atoms from bonding together when faced with serious circumstances.

    • Semi-synthetic Oils:
      Semi-synthetic oils are much more flexible oils that can benefit in the efficient run of a range of bike engines. These oils help in the clean and efficient functioning of the bike, particularly in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency of active driving. 

    • Synthetic Oils:
      Synthetic oils are preferred for bikes because of their low viscous ratio. These are produced entirely in the laboratory and use mineral oil only as an enhancer. These oils are highly viscous and have high-temperature resistance and therefore, operate even when exposed to higher amounts of pressure. Synthetic oils are best for adventure bikes. These, however, are quite expensive but promise to give you high-performance all the time.

    Factors to Keep in Mind while Choosing the Best Oil for Your Bike:

    • Model of the bike:
      Mineral oil is suitable for bikes with small engines, Semi-synthetic or synthetic oil is advised for bikes with large motors.

    • The Bike's Purpose:
      The motor oil you use depends on whether your bike is used for everyday transportation, adventurous sports, or driving up a hill.

    • Riding Factors:
      On a higher terrain street with a significantly lower degree, it is preferable to select an engine oil based on the level of viscosity.

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