Will An EV Replace Prime Minister Modi's Mercedes S-Guard?

The government may be seeking to upgrade the Prime Minister's car to an all-electric armoured vehicle.

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Published on August 3, 2022

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  • PMO is looking to upgrade the PM's car to an armoured EV.
  • The new car could be an armoured version of Mercedes EQS or the EQS SUV.
  • The Indian PM currently uses a Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard.

While most of the world's political leaders get chauffeured around in luxurious armoured vehicles, there aren't many examples of armoured electric vehicles around, and India could soon have one. According to sources in Delhi, the government is keen to upgrade the Prime Minister's car soon, and the PM is keen on going electric. This move will likely be made by the Prime Minister in order to ‘lead by example’, as the government is pushing citizens of the country for adoption of EVs to reduce our carbon foot print and limit the dependency on fossil fuels. But what could be the choice for an armoured electric car to ferry Prime Minister Narendra Modi? 

PM Modi's Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard costs over Rs. 12 cr., and likely weighs over 6 tonnes. 

PM Modi recently upgraded to a Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard, and before that, a Range Rover Vogue and a Toyota Land Cruiser served as the wheels of the Prime Minister over the last few years. Now however, the PM may be looking to upgrade to an electric car, if sources are to be believed, and this will be a first for an Indian leader. Sources also say that other world leaders are also looking to upgrade to electric cars, as the world is making a gradual move towards electric vehicles. In fact, even now, PM Modi seems to prefer being driven around in the Land Cruiser for high-level meetings in the Capital, instead of choosing the S650 Guard, as he's seen on several occasions riding in the passenger seat of the Land Cruiser.

Before the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard, PM Modi used to be driven around in a Range Rover Vogue and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Now, all armoured vehicles have literally ‘tonnes’ of protection, including a heavily armoured underbody to protect the occupants from explosions caused by landmines, bodyshell and windows which are capable of withstanding armour-piercing bullets, and the ability to withstand a lot of explosive force. So these vehicles are considerably heavier than their regular counterparts. Even the standard production spec Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard weighs almost 5.5 tonnes, and the PM's S650 Guard must surely weigh more than that. These vehicles also need to boast of a great level of performance to make quick getaways in case of an emergency. Both of these factors don't play well in the EV space, as they considerably eat into a car's range. However, range must not be an issue for the Prime Minister's car, as most of PM Modi's commute is within the limits of New Delhi.

PM Modi could upgrade to an armoured version of the Mercedes EQS SUV.

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It is still unclear as to which electric car will grace the PM's convoy. There aren't many armoured EVs around as the world is still in the initial years of EV adoption, and it is likely that the car will need to be a specially built unit rather than a road going car. One of the options could be an armoured version of the Mercedes EQS. The Prime Minister and the President currently use armoured versions of different variants of the S-Class, and it would be a logical step up to move to the electric counterpart of the luxury sedan. 

However, it is no secret that PM Modi has a love for SUVs, and apart from the Range Rover Vogue and Toyota Land Cruiser, Narendra Modi has also used a Mahindra Scorpio as his vehicle prior to being elected as the Prime Minister. Should he choose to upgrade to an electric SUV instead, it is also possible that the vehicle could be an armoured version of the Mercedes EQS SUV. If the government opts to buy either of these cars, it is likely that it will be custom built in Germany at Mercedes' headquarters specially for the Prime Minister. If it does come to Prime Minister Modi opting for an electric SUV for his choice of transport, it certainly needs to be applauded for being a progressive move, and one, which will pit the Prime Minister as one of the first movers among global leaders of going electric.  


Last Updated on August 3, 2022

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