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McLaren's Zak Brown On His New Ferrari, Mick Schumacher & Racing Point

Brown also had some strong comments for the Racing Point team.

McLaren's Zak Brown also spilled the beans on Mick Schumachers F1 Debut expand View Photos
McLaren's Zak Brown also spilled the beans on Mick Schumachers F1 Debut


  • Zak Brown has acquired Michael Schumacher's 1997 Ferrari
  • He also had high praise for Mick Schumacher who is primed for F1 in 2021
  • He had scathing comments for the Racing Point team

McLaren's CEO Zak Brown has revealed that he has acquired Michael Schumacher's 1997 Ferrari F1 car which he drove in his second season at the Italian team. Brown has a penchant for acquiring rare cars

"My latest which I have been looking forward to for some time as I was able to get my hands on Michael Schumacher's 1997 Ferrari which I guess I will have to paint orange. He won Montreal and France from the pole. Michael was obviously a legend and terrible what's happened to him. I am glad about what's going on with Lewis we are celebrating Michael with everything he has accomplished along the way," he told Peter Windsor on his YouTube channel.

Brown also spilt the beans it seems on the impending entry of Michael Schumacher's son Mick Schumacher in F1. 

Schumachers 1997 F1 car 

"It will be good to have him in the sport next year. I believe he will be in a Haas F1 car. He's a good talent. A lot to live up to when your last name is Schumacher but no doubt he will put on a good show," he added. 

Brown also had some strong comments for the Racing Point team. He was increasingly critical of the team especially given the strange circumstances of the COVID19 positive case of Lance Stroll who is also the team owner Lawrence Stroll's son. 


Lance Stroll skipped the Eifel GP but the team said that he didn't have COVID at the time 

"When you hear comments like they test more than any company on the planet which would pretty hard to back up. And then you have a driver as they said was not feeling well from Russia, you don't test them. If you test more than any company one the planet, I'd be testing my drivers every single day out of a responsibility to my race team and their family because this disease can kill you. As it turns out he had COVID which is nothing to be ashamed of, but one has to question if there was a strategic decision taken to not test between Wednesday and Sunday. Had he tested positive what would have that meant - probably that means you have to isolate a lot of the team. And then at the press conference last weekend Sergio Perez said indeed one of his crew members was not at Nurburgring as he had tested positive and then Otmar saying no one has tested positive other than a couple of people at the factory. Frankly, it all stinks and I don't buy it," said Brown in a scathing indictment of the Racing Point team. 


Brown also added that the team had no credibility since what all had been happening with the "Pink Mercedes" since the start of the season. "How they were able to replicate something that was so close to last years car. Obviously with the brake ducts lots of commentaries, they had 800 drawings of someone else's brake duct. Now that kills credibility," he added. 

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