Mobility Is Our Next Frontier In Fight Against Climate Change: PM Modi

The world is now in the middle of a new mobility revolution. It is, therefore, important to understand mobility as a wider construct, said PM Modi at the Global Mobility Summit in Delhi.

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Clean mobility along with electric vehicles can be an effective tool to counter climate change: PM Modi


  • PM Modi said, "Mobility is critical to preserving our planet"
  • PM Modi also highlighted the need for safety and convenience
  • Mobility a key driver of the Indian economy, says PM Modi

NITI Aayog, the Indian government's think tank, organised the first ever global mobility summit called 'MOVE' where the country prime minister, Narendra Modi addressed the gathering on his vision of future mobility in India and how clean mobility along with electric vehicles can be an effective tool to counter climate change. PM Modi said that the future of mobility in India will be based on 7 key pillars or 'C's which are Common, Connected, Convenient, Congestion-Free, Charged, Clean and lastly, Cutting Edge.

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"Mobility is critical to preserving our planet. Road transport accounts for one fifth of global Carbon dioxide emissions. This threatens to choke cities and raise global temperatures. Creating a mobility eco-system that is in sync with nature is the need of the hour. Mobility is the next frontier in our fight against Climate Change", said PM Modi.

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With regards to his 7 C's vision, PM Modi said that future mobility initiatives need to be built around public mobility. Digitisation, data-sharing and looking beyond just cars will be key areas once the disruption in mobility in terms of EVs, connected mobility, data-driven technologies replaces the current technologies and practices.

PM Modi also highlighted the need for safety and convenience as mobility takes a new direction globally and in India along with encouraging car-pooling and ride-sharing to reduce congestion on Indian roads.

"Congestion free mobility is critical to check the economic and environment costs of congestion. Hence, there should be emphasis on ending bottlenecks of networks. This would result in fewer traffic jams and lower levels of stress for people travelling. It would also lead to greater efficiency in logistics and freight."

"Mobility means safe, affordable and accessible for all sections of the society. This includes the elderly, the women and the specially-abled. We need to ensure that public transport is preferred to private modes of travel", he added.


Calling mobility a key driver of the Indian economy, PM Modi also pointed that better mobility reduces the burden of travel and transportation and can boost economic growth. It is already a major employer and can create the next generation of jobs.

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