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Petrol, Diesel Rates Hiked By Up To 30 Paise; Petrol Crosses ₹ 94/Litre Mark In Mumbai

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Fuel rates across the country have gone up to by 30 paise, and petrol prices have reached a new all-time high of Rs. 87.60 per litre and Rs. 94.12 per litre in Delhi and Mumbai, respectively.

Customers in Mumbai will have to pay Rs. 94.12 per litre for petrol expand View Photos
Customers in Mumbai will have to pay Rs. 94.12 per litre for petrol


  • Petrol prices in Mumbai touched all-time high of Rs. 94.12 per litre
  • In Mumbai, Diesel is at a record high of Rs. 84.63 per litre
  • Petrol and diesel prices are revised daily by the state-run OMCs

The state-owned fuel retailers on Wednesday revised domestic fuel prices across the country by up to 30 paise. As per a notification from Indian Oil Corporation, the two auto fuels have now touched a new all-time high of ₹ 87.60 per litre, while one litre of diesel now retails at ₹ 77.73 per litre in the national capital. The oil marketing companies increased the rates of petrol and diesel on a second consecutive day. On Tuesday, petrol rates were revised by 35 paise from ₹ 86.95 per litre to ₹ 87.30 per litre in Delhi. And, diesel prices were also increased by 35 paise from ₹ 77.13 per litre to ₹ 77.48 per litre.

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In Kolkata, petrol and diesel retailed at ₹ 88.92 per litre and ₹ 81.31 per litre, respectively.

Here are the prices of petrol and diesel per litre in the five metros on February 10, 2021:

City Petrol Diesel
Delhi ₹ 87.60 ₹ 77.73
Mumbai ₹ 94.12 ₹ 84.63
Kolkata ₹ 88.92 ₹ 81.31
Chennai ₹ 89.96 ₹ 82.90
Bengaluru ₹ 90.53 ₹ 82.40

With the latest revision in prices, petrol is at an all-time high in the financial capital. On Wednesday, petrol and diesel prices shot past ₹ 94 per litre mark in Mumbai, while diesel retailed at ₹ 84.63 per litre. Buyers in Mumbai will have to shell out ₹ 94.12 for one litre of petrol.


Other metro cities also have witnessed a hike in fuel rates. In Chennai, the two auto fuels are priced at ₹ 89.96 per litre and 82.90 per litre for petrol and diesel, respectively. The customers in Kolkata will now have to pay ₹ 88.92 per litre for petrol and ₹ 81.31 for one-litre diesel. On the other hand, in Bengaluru, petrol and diesel are now priced at ₹ 90.53 per litre and ₹ 82.40 per litre, respectively.


Fuel prices vary from state to state depending on the incidence of local sales tax or VAT


Moreover, the fuel rates were hiked on February 5, 2021, by 30 paise across the country. The auto fuels have recorded price upswing since January 6, 2021, after remaining touched for almost a month. Oil marketing companies such as Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil Corporation, and Bharat Petroleum revise fuel prices on daily bases. Changes in fuel prices are implemented at 6 am every day. The priced are determined as per global benchmarks of crude oil rates, and by making changes in the foreign exchange rates into account.

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