The Major Differences Between Leather and Leatherette Seats

Leather and Leatherette seats inside cars provide different feels, and therefore, it is important to determine which one you are most comfortable with. Find out which upholstery option is perfect for you.

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Published on January 21, 2022

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    The kind of seat upholstery you choose to go for determines the interior look of your car, and therefore, weighing the pros and cons of both kinds, i.e., leather and leatherette are crucial for deciding which option does the job for you. Seat covers made out of different materials such as Fabric and Velvet are available, but the real competition lies between Leather and Leatherette.

    The most common variance between the two forms of upholstery is the naturally-occurring material cowhide and the artificially-made material faux leather. Leatherette can be defined as a synthetic surface that is manufactured using plastic as well as vinyl. It replicates both the appearance and the feel of actual leather. Let's take a closer look at leather vs leatherette car seats –


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    Leather is a material that is manufactured by using an animal's preserved skin. Tanned leather skins are used to manufacture elegant-looking seat covers in a variety of shades including brown, black and beige. The quality of covers made up of leather is dependent upon its processing before stitching. These types of covers are used in luxurious cars to provide an elegant and premium feel. However, all this poshness comes with a catch. Firstly, it is more expensive as compared to other types of covers. Moreover, it is very susceptible to stains and pressure dents. Lastly, it is prone to scratches, which is why it requires utmost care.



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    Popularly known as “Synthetic Leather” or “Faux Leather”, Leatherette is a kind of artificial leather that is manufactured using PVC as well as similar processing materials. The quality depends on the kind of materials used. Modern cars feature leatherette seat covers because of their inexpensive price and easy-to-maintain features. Stains can easily be wiped off because these are comparatively less porous than actual leather. Therefore, without any additional car-care products, you can keep leatherette seat covers clean and tidy.


    • Leather seats are very expensive, whereas leatherette seats are very affordable.
    • Leather seats require a ton of specific cleaning and care accessories. Leatherette seats do not need any cleaning products.
    • Leather seats require regular maintenance and cleaning, whereas Leatherette seats are easy to maintain.
    • Leather seats are extremely porous and breathable. Leatherette seats, on the other hand, are non-porous and non-breathable.
    • Leather seats offer extreme durability if taken care of properly. Leatherette seats offer less durability.
    • Leather seats get damaged by the sun's harmful UV rays and develop cracks. Leatherette seats are less prone to such damage.

    As clearly evident, both leather seats and leatherette seats come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, most people tend to choose leatherette because it is inexpensive and has better stain-resistance. There is no questioning the fact that leather offers a premium feel, but there is a catch to it. Therefore, go for the material which fulfils your requirement!

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