Tips To Reduce Back Pain While Riding Motorcycles

Learn these simple habits to make sure your back remains pain-free during long rides.
23-Dec-21 06:43 PM IST
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All of us riders have experienced excruciating back pain after a really long ride that makes you want to hit the bed and do nothing else. What if we told you that there's a way to avoid or reduce it by following just a few simple tips while riding your bike. The next time you are heading on a long motorcycle trip, do make sure to keep these few things in mind for a pleasant experience.

Work on your back and core


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This may sound irrelevant but long rides do push your bodies to the limit when the conditions are not ideal. During such times, having a weak back and core turns out to be the ideal combination for back pain to occur since it becomes impossible to ride without slouching. That is why it's necessary to work on the back and the core at the gym. This will ensure that your body can go long hours without slouching and you can ride with an upright back, shielding it from pain.

Get that posture right


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This is nothing but an extension of the previous tip, actually. No matter what kind of a ride you are on, it is always necessary to get your riding position right. Make a conscious choice to ride with your back upright in order to ensure that it remains pain-free at the end of the day. Not just that, but riding the bike while being slouched over a long period of time can damage it over the long term.

Stretch it out


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One more among our tips to reduce back pain while riding motorcycles is stretching. Loosening up those muscles every now and then is always a good idea if you want your back to steer clear of pain. A good routine is to stretch before a ride, during the ride on breaks, and after the ride. Keep a few stretching routines handy based on what suits you.

Maintain your bike


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Every biker knows enough to get their motorcycle serviced before a long ride. While this is important so that it doesn't break down in the middle of anywhere, it is also crucial if you want to avoid back pain. Having poorly serviced suspensions can give really big jolts to your back on roads that have too many bumps on them.



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If you enjoy bike riding, there's no need to explain this point to you. Relaxing your body can solve a number of your problems. Many times, we are unaware of how stressed our body is and this can happen a lot while riding a bike or driving a car, especially during the night when the visibility is not ideal. Keep checking on this every now and then, and that should definitely save you from a lot of body aches that you might experience at the end of the day.

So the next time you're heading out on a long and adventurous ride, be sure to follow these tips to reduce back pain while riding motorcycles.

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