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Top 5 Motorcycling New Year Resolutions

The first week of 2019 has gone by in a flash and before the rest of 2019 too goes by in a jiffy, here are a few motorcycling resolutions that we made and intend to follow (fingers crossed)

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  • Riding off-road will help you become a better rider
  • Learn to fix small issues with your motorcycles
  • Try and do at least one or two road trips with your motorcycle

The first week of 2019 just went by and we believe it should be enough to for all of us to get sobered up after. New Year resolutions! There is no bigger paradox than this! Every year, many (some) of us make New Year resolutions and as the first week goes by, it just turns into a distant memory! But since this is the era where social media is big and fancy New Year resolutions look good on your Facebook and Instagram here are a few motorcycling resolutions that we have and we intend to make good on them, and all of you should too! After all, New Year means new beginnings too, right!

Invest In Riding Gear


(Investing in good motorcycle riding gear always pays)

Anyone who has ridden motorcycles enough would definitely have come off it at least once or will come off sometime in the near future. In my case, well, more than once! If not an automotive journalist, I believe I would have done well as a crash test dummy too! But, my hide has always been protected by proper motorcycling gear (a GOOD helmet, riding jacket and pants with armour, proper riding boots and gloves). And every time I go down with a bike, more than me, it is my bank account which takes a hit! But believe me, every single penny that you invest in good riding gear will absolutely worth it! Instead of spending time and money at the doctor's for getting fixed, it is better to spend time and money on riding gear. So, for everyone who is riding a two-wheeler, set some money aside and get yourself a basic set of riding gear at least! You will be glad you did.

More Off-Road Riding

2kdqlhhs(You want to do this! Don't you! Then start riding on dirt)

In the last few months, I went riding off-road and also happened to chance upon a attending an off-road riding school as well. And I LOVED every moment of it! Here are a few reasons why. It is easier to find an off-road trail than finding a decent racetrack. Riding on dirt is good way to improve your overall riding skills. Be it throttle inputs, braking, getting the feel of the grip offered by the tyres and much, much more. Of course, it is tougher to ride off-road than on the tarmac, but, if you can handle that, then you will be a better rider on the road. Try it once, we are sure you will not let go of that once you get the taste of riding off-road.

Attend A Riding School

2018 hero xtreme 200r first ride(In order to attend a riding school, you do not necessarily need a big bike. Small bikes are good enough for you to better your riding skills)

Believe us, it works wonders! Going to a riding school will help you to a great extent be it dealing with emergency situations, improving reaction time, increasing pace on a motorcycle and becoming a better and a safer rider overall. There are bunch of riding schools which happen at all three FMSCI approved racetracks in India which are BIC in the North, MMRT and Kari in the south. Invest time and money towards this and you will realise that the rewards are many fold.

Do At Least 2 Motorcycle Road Trips

vtcgptp8(Motorcycle Road Trips are a great way to unwind and clear your head)

If not for you, this is definitely a New Year resolution for us. Put more kilometres on a motorcycle and my soul as well. Riding without a care in the world is one of the most therapeutic experiences that you could have. Plan well ahead in advance for leaves and finance and then when the day comes, just put on your riding gear, fill it up to the brim and head out! Be it just a 200 kilometre trip or a 2,000 kilometre one, riding carefree clears your head and makes you forget all of your troubles, sorrows and well, heartbreaks too! I find it to be a great way of unwinding and just hit the reset button.

Learn Basic DIY Stuff

g1s3cacg(Get a toolkit and start learning how to fix small issues on your motorcycle )

No one asking you to learn how to mend a broken gearbox, but you should be able to change the headlamp, fix a puncture, tighten and grease your chain and brakes and other basic stuff. It is easier than running to your local mechanic for every small thing and plus, it helps deepen the bond between you and your bike too. Showering your two-wheeler with TLC will only reap benefits. It is this unsaid understanding between man and machine which takes will take your passion for two-wheelers to the next level.

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