Top 5 Smartphone Apps to Travel Better

On a journey, a smartphone/tablet is always one of your best companions - whether it is for entertainment or for useful information.

By P S Balakrishnan


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Published on September 8, 2015

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    On a journey, a smartphone/tablet is always one of your best companions - whether it is for entertainment or for useful information. Enroute most journeys certain things are subjective, like the decision to listen to music. However, no one ever complained about having a travel-app to rely upon.

    Here's a list of a few handy mobile apps that I have tried, and intend to use extensively during the Mercedes-Benz Great Overland Adventure:

    a. TripAdvisor: This one provides information about pretty much everything - from popular activities to preferred attractions in and around destinations. What I really like about TripAdvisor is the authenticity of the reviews and the fact that it helps you explore non-touristy places too. Then there are the discussion forums where folks share information sourced from locals about things like easy routes, food, et al.. Also, if you wish to experience local hospitality, you ought to check out the specialty lodging section that lists affordable home-stays.

    b. Tripoto: Tripoto is a rather new addition to my list of go-to travel apps. That said, it is full of wonderful stories from travellers across the world, and also offers fascinating trivia. For the Indian folks who are not big on being surprised by choice of food and lodging in a foreign country, the articles about a myriad of global destinations by travellers from your homeland shall come to your rescue. I believe what makes this app work is that the language is appropriately simple, and offers a sense of conversation instead of being just a huge collection of statement of facts.

    c. Google Maps: One navigation app that almost every smartphone user swears by is Google Maps. This navigation app is not only fairly straightforward to use, it also offers users alternate choices of routes to traverse between two points. And if one gets lost, it automatically reroutes so you do not have to worry about reaching the intended destination.

    d. Expedia: This app offers some of the best hotel deals in the world, and I say this from experience. Being a global travel app, their search engine is quite extensive, and you never have to fret about getting a deal at the eleventh hour.

    e. Google Translate: More often than not, this one is a saviour - especially when you do not speak the language of the country you are travelling in. From getting directions to ordering food, this baby will walk you through it all in 90 languages. Furthermore, one can also use the phone's camera for instant text translation, though this one only recognises 26 languages.

    f. Other convenient travel apps:

    - Skyscanner - For the best travel deals

    - Booking.com - For hotel deals (Pay only at check-in)

    - XE Currency - For information about currency exchange rates

    - Airbnb - For local stay options

    - Yelp - For food reviews

    Know more about the Great OverLand Adventure here.


    Last Updated on September 8, 2015

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