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Vin Diesel Stars In Yadea G5 Electric Scooter Ad

Yadea is a Chinese electric vehicle company specialising in two-wheelers including seated electric scooters and electric bicycles.

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Vin Diesel stars in ad for Chinese electric scooter brand


  • Yadea is a Chinese electric two-wheeler brand
  • Vin Diesel stars in the latest Yadea G5 electric scooter ad
  • The G5 is one of the premium electric scooters of the company

Hollywood action star Vin Diesel features as a spy making a getaway on an electric scooter in a latest video commercial. The ad starts with Vin Diesel crooning at a club, charming an attractive lady, and then pinching her companion's pen drive, and then making an exit while shattering a glass window to find a Yadea G5 electric scooter waiting as his getaway vehicle. The ad doesn't quite show the G5 to be a 'fast and furious' type vehicle of choice, but then, it does look futuristic and cool. Of course, which two-wheeler wouldn't with Vin Diesel as the pilot?

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What the ad doesn't show is a high-speed chase, so the Yadea G5 doesn't seem to make such claims either. At best, it's an urban runaround electric scooter, built more for convenience and being clean, and easy to use, more than anything else. But the company has been around for sometime and says it has global presence with its products. Yadea has been making two-wheelers since 2001, and now makes a wide variety of scooters, including the G5, one of the company's premium models. The Yadea G5 uses what is called a graphene battery, which uses carbon nanotubes to prevent growth of dendrites in lithium ion batteries and increase life and performance. Yadea says the G5's battery can hit 80 per cent of full charge in just an hour.

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The Yadea G5 comes in two variants, the City and the Pro. The City has a single 1.56 kWh battery setup with 60 km range, and a 2300 W electric motor with a top speed of just 45 kmph. The Pro has a dual 1.9 kWh battery setup with 130 km combined range, and a 3100 W motor providing a claimed top speed of 60 kmph. Both versions come in a choice of five matte colours, white, black, grey, blue, or red. Yadea sells most of its electric scooters in China, but ships to 77 countries around the world, including several countries in Asia, Europe and even the United States.

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