Warning Lights In Your Car: What Do They Mean?

Assuming you're unsure what an admonition light means or decide to disregard it, a little issue could transform into a greater, possibly hazardous, and more costly issue.
30-Dec-21 10:32 PM IST
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Advanced vehicles accompany more highlights and gadgets than any time in recent memory. The admonition symbols and images can be befuddling. However, it is ideal for alluding to your vehicle's proprietor manual for the specific meaning. Let's concoct straightforward depictions of practically all vehicles' absolute most normal caution lights.

Sporadically one light may remain on, demonstrating there's an issue. Be similarly ready if at least one notice lights don't momentarily enlighten. Assuming they aren't working, you probably won't have the option to recognize an issue for which they'd caution you.


Assuming you own a premium or an extravagant vehicle, chances are, more symbols could come up in the presentation region. It is ideal for alluding to the proprietor's manual of your vehicle to comprehend the significance of each notice light appropriately. Keeping the proprietor's manual convenient while taking off on lengthy drives is fitting.

How about we investigate probably the most well-known dashboard cautioning lights and what they indicate?

Automated Shift Lock

Automated vehicles expect you to press the brake while changing into gear from impartial. Most such vehicles will show this symbol if you attempt to change gears from neutral without squeezing the brake pedal.

ABS Light

This indication arises when there is a failure in the vehicle's antilock stopping mechanism (ABS). The indicator doesn't impact standard slowing down.

Warning Light for Oil Pressure

This light shows the loss of oil tension in the engine. Under such a situation, try not to drive the vehicle for too long.

Warning Light for Opened Door

This symbol comes on when at least one vehicle entryway is not closed as expected. A few vehicles will likewise demonstrate the specific entryway that should be checked once more.

Light for Service Reminder

Most vehicles currently accompany this accommodating symbol which comes on when planned support is expected. When you give your vehicle for administration, the professional will reset it.

Voyage Control Light

When you enact the voyage control work in your vehicle, this light comes on.


Airbag Icon

On the off chance that this symbol doesn't follow beginning the vehicle, it implies a glitch with the Airbag arrangement of the vehicle that must be adjusted by visiting an approved focus.

Warning for Safety Belt

This warning is presumably the most widely recognized symbol that we find in the speedometer console. It comes on when you are not belted up while driving the vehicle.

Malfunction of Power Steering

The most widely recognized reason for this symbol is a low oil level in the power controlling liquid repository. If fixing the liquid doesn't help, you should show the vehicle at an approved focus.

Warning Light for Engine

This caution light seems when there is a glitch with the motor's administration framework. A demonstrative apparatus is needed to look at this issue and reset the light.


Battery Alert

This symbol will seem when the voltage level is beneath ordinary. It very well may result from a defective alternator, low battery levels or free terminals.

Lamp Icon for Smog

When you switch on the fog lights, this symbol shows up on the speedometer support.

Icon of Hand Brake

This symbol shows up on the control centre when you pull the hand brake. On the off chance that this light remains ON even in the wake of delivering the hand brake, it demonstrates a glitch in the slowing mechanism, including a potential low brake oil level.

Icon for Grip Control

Vehicles that come outfitted with footing control have the choice to deactivate something similar. This symbol shows up in the control centre when you do as such.

Reminder for Washer Fluid

This symbol comes on when the windshield cleaner levels turn out to be lower. This symbol is typically present in premium vehicles, as it were.

Regardless of whether it's an inappropriately shut entryway or the feared check-motor alarm, dashboard cautioning lights is how your vehicle speaks with you when something turns out badly. Your ride is entirely glad to let you know when something's off-base. Getting what cautioning lights do and don't mean will assist you with aiding your vehicle.

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