Bikes On Big Screen: The Bikeriders And Six Movies Based On Motorcycles

A new movie, themed around motorcycles, ‘The Bikeriders,’ is set to be released today on World Motorcycle Day. Here’s a quick brief on the movie and six other movie flicks that heavily feature motorcycles.



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Published on June 21, 2024

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  • ‘The Bikeriders’ is based on the 1968 Danny Lyon novel under the same name
  • ‘Tron: Legacy’ delivers what a motorcycle can be in the virtual world
  • ‘Torque’ features the MTT Y2K turbine-powered motorcycle

If there is one thing that makes any movie flick cool, it’s got to be motorcycles. And what could be better than a motorcycle chase scene? A full movie that revolves around motorcycles. From the wind in the hair feeling, to the sense of freedom, to the undeniable want to do something wild, can always be associated with motorcycles. It is one of the best ways to make yourself feel all alive and kicking. On that note, today being World Motorcycle Day, we have put together a list of movies that are based on motorcycles. That said, a new movie ‘The Bikeriders’ has been released in the theatres today featuring close to 40 vintage motorcycles.



The Bikeriders (2024):

The movie revolves around the ex-World War II men who put together a motorcycle club to have a good time and enjoy bikes but later get involved in fights with other men only leading to more and more chaos eventually leading to bike gang wars. Directed by Jeff Nicholes, ‘The Bikeriders’ features Tom Hardy, Jodie Comer, Norman Reedus and Austin Butler. If you are an avid motorcyclist, do watch the above trailer, and if you like it, make sure to book tickets for the movie soon.

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Besides that, since you are a fan of motorcycle movies as you are reading this, here is a list of the top six movies that are based, themed or feature motorcycles enough and more times to make you want to go watch it more than once. We hope you enjoy the list.



Biker Boyz (2003):

If you love the adrenaline of underground drag racing on bike bikes, Biker Boyz has all of that along with a fine mix of action, emotion and biking brotherhood. The movie revolves around the son of the leader of an urban biker gang and the leader himself fighting to retain the title of the fastest drag racer. One of the cool scenes in the movie is when Smoke, played by Laurence Fishbone, does a solo run in the rain on his custom long-wheelbase Suzuki Hayabusa.



The Place Beyond The Pine (2012):

‘Luke’, played by Ryan Gosling, is a motorbike stunt rider who turns into a bank robber while using his superior riding skills to get away. He decides to be able to provide for his son he didn’t know about with his former lover. Along with action-packed scenes, the movie has been acclaimed by critics for the plot, drama and also the performance of the artists. A definite watch we say.



Torque (2004):

If you are aware of the above movie, then, you for sure would know of the movie ‘Torque’. The movie revolves around a biker who has returned to his hometown where he gets framed for the murder of a bike gang leader’s brother. The movie has a mix of fully-faired, street-naked, motocross, chopper bikes and more. The film also has a bike chase scene that features an MTT Y2K turbine-powered motorcycle ridden fearlessly on the street.


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Tron: Legacy (2010):

This movie needs no introduction. Everything from the soundtracks to the virtual world graphics to the whole vibe of the movie is just too good. Sam, son of Flynn, is transported into a virtual reality world called ‘the Grid’, where he is a user and has to compete with programs on multiple scenarios to fight his way back into the real world. While the movie begins with a cool scene of Sam riding a classic Ducati Sport 1000, in the virtual world, he competes with other programs in a contest while riding a Tron Light Cycle featuring a smooth bodyline with hubless wheels, neon highlights and is capable of high levels of speed.



Burn Out (2017):

This one is a French movie that probably never got into the limelight. If you love motorcycle chase scenes, racetracks and high speeds, you ought to enjoy this film. The lead actor in the movie is trying to build a career in motorsports, but ends up giving up that dream and instead is forced to become a drug courier guy to clear the debt on his son’s mother. The hero uses his precision motorcycle riding skills to transport the drug while being chased by criminal gangs when not by the police.



The World’s Fastest Indian (2005):

Based on real events, this movie is the story of a man named Burt Munro, played by Academy Award winner, Anthony Hopkins, who never let the dreams of youth fade. A periodic film shot to replicate the late 1960s captures the strong determination of Burt to perfect his classic Indian motorcycle to set the fastest land speed record in his class at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Despite all odds and struggles, the New Zealander competes on his bike, but witnesses an unlikely conclusion towards the end of the movie but undoubtedly remains a legendary must-watch movie in the riding community.

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