Bollywood Movies With Best Motorcycles Chase Scenes

We list down a few Bollywood movies where motorcycles have played an important role, particularly in chase sequences.

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Published on November 6, 2023

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  • The 'Dhoom' movie series has been very successful in India
  • Spy Thriller 'War' had some exciting chase sequences
  • The latest movie in the 'YRF Spy Universe', Pathaan, had a nice motorcycle chase too

A film is one of the best forms of storytelling and when it comes to Indian cinema, especially Bollywood movies, over the years we have some amazing stories come to life on the big screen. But be it comedy, action, or drama we have a special liking for movies that revolve around cars and motorcycles. And we know there are several petrol heads like you out there who think like us. From the classic Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi to movies like Dhoom and more recently, Pathaan, we have ended up watching them all. So to celebrate that bond between automobiles and Bollywood, we list down some of the famous movies where motorcycles had an important role to play, particularly in chase sequences.


Dhoom Movie Franchise


So far there have been 3 movies in the Dhoom franchise staring John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan respectively, with Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra featuring in all three of them. Credit: YRF YouTube Channel)


When you talk about motorcycles and movies, you cannot leave out the Dhoom movie franchise. So far there have been three Dhoom movies and the premise has been the same - some high-octane chase sequences with some exotic superbikes that revolve around the story of a smart cop who sets out to catch out a thief who's smarter than him. 

(Credit: YRF YouTube Channel)


The first 'Dhoom' movie had the iconic Suzuki Hayabusa and the Suzuki GSX-R600 as the bikes which were ridden by the bad guys. The Suzuki Bandit 1200 was the choice of the good guys played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra. The second Dhoom movie had Hrithik Roshan playing the villain and was seen riding the GSX-R1000 while Abhishek Bachchan rode the Suzuki GSR 600. 

(Credit: YRF YouTube Channel)


The third and the final Dhoom movie had Aamir Khan as the antagonist and was seen riding the muscular BMW K 1300 R while Uday Chopra had the BMW S 1000 RR as his ride. Fast-paced chase sequences, slick editing and a lot of special effects, the Dhoom movie franchise was one of the most iconic motorcycle-based movies to have come out of Bollywood.




In the ‘War’ bike scene, The R nineT Scrambler comes across as a thoroughbred performance bike. And of course, it adds to Hrithik Roshan's machismo too (Credit: YRF YouTube Channel)


While the Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff starrer is more of a spy thriller rather than a movie about cars or motorcycles, but like Mission Impossible movies it has some satisfying chase sequences. There is one with two BMW Motorcycles, namely the R nineT Scrambler and the F 750 GS, ridden by the two male protagonists, respectively. In the sequences, Hrithik is seen tearing the road apart on a beautiful BMW R nineT Scrambler with Tiger Shroff chasing him on a BMW F 750 GS adventure motorcycle. 

(Credit: YRF YouTube Channel)


Later on, towards the end of the movie, there is yet another chase sequence on Ice flats that's even bigger and involves a couple of Audi R8 V10s. While the movie itself was quite an enjoyable thriller, the action sequenced with the supercars and motorcycles certainly made it a worthwhile watch for us.



Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham chasing each other on a frozen lake is sheer Bollywood magic (Credit: YFX Studios)


Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’, from the YRF Spy Universe was Bollywood gold. It was a proper masala potboiler action flick, with SRK playing a spy and John Abraham as the antagonist. Filled with hair-raising action sequences and Hollywood-esque VFX, the motorcycle chase sequence with both superstars, on a frozen lake definitely stood out. 

(Credit: YFX Studios)

In the chase sequence, SRK is seen chasing John, with both of them riding modified dirt bikes, first on snow and then on a frozen lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. As far as motorcycle sequences go, it is a visually stunning scene, which reminds you of the car chase scene in ‘War’, another movie from the YRF Spy Universe. 


Disclaimer: Please do not follow in the footsteps of your favourite Bollywood action heroes! Always wear a helmet whenever riding a two-wheeler. Do not engage in rash riding, stunting and overspeeding on public roads. Ride safely, keeping in mind that there are other motorists as well.

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