Canoo Sports Vehicle Spotted In The Wild

One of the things about this vehicle is that it has a very low ground clearance and it also has a rectangular "yoke" style steering wheel.

By Sahil Gupta


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Published on July 6, 2021

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  • Canoo's sports car has been leaked by a Reditt user
  • Canoo often spoke about it is presentations and teased it on its website
  • The car could not show up as a true product for years

Canoo is one of the hottest EV startups in the world which went public using a SPAC merger. It has bold plans that leverage its scalable skateboard architecture that allows moving from one form factor to another quite easily. It was this technology that attracted even Apple to acquire it but that never panned out, but instead, recently, the Cupertino-based behemoth hired Canoo co-founder Ulrich Krantz for the Apple Car project. 

In the meanwhile, Canoo and its new CEO Tony Aquila has been pushing the company towards broadening its horizons away from the original Canoo modular Van which is still on road for deliveries in 2023. It has unveiled a modular and adaptable pickup truck and now there is a photo floating about of what many believe is its first sport's car. 

This very sports car has been teased on the Canoo website itself which breathes more credibility into the leaked image. There is a silhouette of a sports car which is a hatchback on the Canoo website and now there is an image of a car that fits that silhouette. 


The car hasn't been even announced yet and could only come by 2025

The image was revealed on Reddit which was apparently captured by a customer at its Torrance headquarters where the staff was unloading a "sports vehicle" out of a trailer in front of the building. 

One of the things about this vehicle is that it has a very low ground clearance and it also has a rectangular "yoke" style steering wheel. It also gets the unique Canoo headlights. In presentations before, Canoo has admitted its modular platform is shorter than the Tesla Model 3 but with more room on the inside. 

The company has a new factory being built in Oklahoma which was announced last week. It has a lifestyle vehicle that will be produced for 2022 delivery dates at a third party facility before its own factory opens up by 2023. Its sports vehicle has a longer timeline and shouldn't be expected to be in the market before 2025. 

Canoo also wants to sell services through its app which will not only hook third parties with Canoo owners but will also be compatible with traditional internal combustion engine cars. 


Last Updated on July 6, 2021

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