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Coronavirus Pandemic: You Will Be Fined For Driving Without Mask In Delhi

Passengers will be required to put on your mask even in your personal vehicle, violating which may get you fined.

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Drivers as also passengers will be required to wear a mask inside the car.


  • Passengers are required to wear a mask inside the car.
  • Even riders needs to wear a mask inside their helmet.
  • People are required to mask that cover the nose and lip area.

With easing of the lockdown and skyrocketing cases of coronavirus in India, authorities are making sure that individuals are very cautious with the implementation of preventive measures. Wearing a mask when you step outside has already been made mandatory, but it's not limited only to public places or transport now. In Delhi, you'll be required to put on your mask even in your personal vehicle, the violation of which is likely to attract a fine. Of course, people on two-wheelers will also be required to wear their mask even inside their helmet, when they are riding.

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People are required to wear a proper mask that covers their nose and lips area.

Many of you may argue that the car is your personal space and people being in a closed space inside the car are not likely to catch or spread the virus. Well! The authorities have a simple answer to that. Drivers or passengers may not always remember to put on the mask if all of a sudden they need to roll down the windows and interact with someone, may be to ask for directions. The best solution to that risk is to always put on a mask even when you are inside the car. In fact, people are required to wear a proper mask and anything else, for example a handkerchief, will just not do. Moreover, people are required to wear a mask that covers the nose, lips and chin. Drivers can be booked and fined in case they are found violating the rule.


People riding on two-wheelers will have to wear a mask under the helmet 

After June 8, movement of passenger and public transport vehicles across all state borders have been allowed. It has been clarified by the Ministry of Home affairs that movement passes will now not be required anymore.

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