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Diesel Continues To Be Costlier Than Petrol In Delhi, But Reasonably Cheaper In Other Metro Cities

Diesel continues to be costlier than petrol by 10 paise in the national capital at Rs. 80.53 per litre while petro is being retailed at Rs, 80.43 per litre.

Diesel continues to be costlier than petrol in Delhi. expand View Photos
Diesel continues to be costlier than petrol in Delhi.


  • Diesel still costlier by 10 Paisa than petrol in Delhi.
  • Petrol is more expensive than diesel in other cities.
  • The inflation is an aftershock of the drop in crude oil prices in April.

Complete mayhem broke out last week on June 24 when the retail price of diesel in Delhi reached  a record high, beating petrol prices. Well, that continues to be the same even today with diesel still being 10 paise costlier than petrol in the national capital. Diesel is being retailed at ₹ 80.53 per litre in Delhi today while a litre of petrol will cost you ₹ 80.43. Delhi is also the only city today that's retailing diesel at a higher price compared to petrol.

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Petrol remains costlier than diesel in other cities.

Petrol prices continued the upward trend. Petrol prices in Mumbai are highest at ₹ 87.19 per litre, the gap between petrol and diesel is  ₹ 8.36 per litre with diesel being retailed at ₹ 78.83 per litre. In Chennai petrol is being retailed at ₹ 83.63 per litre while diesel is being retailed at ₹ 77.72 per litre, with the difference being of ₹ 5.91 per litre. In Kolkata, petrol has been priced at ₹ 82.10 per litre while diesel will cost you ₹ 75.64 per litre which is a gap of ₹ 6.46 per litre.

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The sudden inflation in fuel prices was expected as an aftershock to the dipping global crude oil prices.


On June 24 in Delhi, the price of diesel was increased by 48 paisa to ₹ 79.88 per litre from Rs 79.40 per litre, while the rate of petrol was left unchanged at Rs 79.76 per litre, according to notifications from state-run Indian Oil Corporation which happens to be India's largest fuel retailer. In the last 18 days, the price of petrol has been increased by a cumulative Rs 9.41 per litre in Delhi, while diesel price went up by Rs 9.58 per litre. The sudden inflation in fuel prices was expected as an aftershock of the dipping global crude oil prices which hit a 21-year low of $15.98 per barrel in April, owing to coronavirus pandemic. Global oil rates have recovered to an extent due to the easing of restrictions on transport and industrial activity which boosted fuel demand around the globe.

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