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Petrol And Diesel Price Revision Halts After 21 Days

After a long run of 21 consecutive days, petrol and diesel prices on Sunday remained unchanged. Both petroleum products are retailed at Rs. 80.38 per litre and Rs. 80.40 per litre in Delhi, respectively.

No revision in petrol, diesel rates after 21 days expand View Photos
No revision in petrol, diesel rates after 21 days


  • No Changes in petrol & diesel prices after 21 days
  • In Mumbai, petrol retails at Rs. 87.16 a litre & diesel costs Rs. 78.72
  • Rates differ from state to state depending on value-added tax (VAT)

The continuous revision in the rates of petrol and diesel prices finally came to a halt on Sunday after a long run of 21 consecutive days. With no revision in the petroleum products on Sunday, petrol is being retailed at ₹ 80.38 per litre in Delhi. Diesel, on the other hand, costs ₹ 80.40 per litre. Delhi is the only city where diesel is costlier than petrol. The oil companies on Saturday increased petrol prices by ₹ 0.25 per litre bringing it to ₹ 80.38 a litre in Delhi. Diesel rates were revised by ₹ 0.21 per litre taking the price to ₹ 80.40 a litre.

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There has been no revision in petrol and diesel rates after 21 days 

On June 27, both the petroleum products retailed at the same price point as that of today. However, the rates vary from state to state that depends on the incidence of value-added tax (VAT) levied by the state governments. In Mumbai, the customers will have to pay ₹ 87.17 per litre and ₹ 78.72 per litre for petrol and diesel respectively. Buyers in Hyderabad will have to shed ₹ 83.43 a litre for petrol and ₹ 78.57 a litre for diesel.

Here are city-wise petrol and diesel prices:


Petrol Prices

Diesel Prices

New Delhi

₹ 80.38

₹ 80.40


₹ 78.60

₹ 72.68


₹ 87.16

₹ 78.72


₹ 83.62

₹ 77.65


₹ 83.43

₹ 78.57


₹  81.82

₹ 75.52

Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have been revising the retail rates of the petroleum products in line with the costs after an 82-day break because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The companies started adjusting the retail prices of petrol and diesel from June 7, 2020, to bring then in line with the costs. However, the average prices of petrol and diesel in Delhi were ₹ 69.60 per litre and ₹ 62.30 per litre, respectively. These prices were effective in the country before the lockdown phase.

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In Hyderabad, petrol and diesel cost ₹ 83.43 a litre & ₹ 78.57 a litre respectively


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