Petrol, Diesel Prices Up By Rs. 9.20 Per Litre In 15 Days

Tuesday, April 5, saw petrol and diesel prices receive another 80 paise hike.

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Published on April 5, 2022

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  • Petrol, Diesel prices hiked by 80 paise on Tuesday
  • Diesel crossed Rs. 100 per litre in Chennai
  • Petrol crossed Rs. 100 per litre in Bangalore and Chennai

Petrol and diesel prices on Tuesday, April 5, were revised for the 13th time in 15 days with no respite from its upwards trajectory. Following a 40 paise hike on Monday, prices on Tuesday were again hiked by 80 paise a piece for petrol and diesel – the third hike of this value in the last 4 days. Prices for both fuels in the past 15 days have now been hiked by a cumulative Rs. 9.20 per litre with prices likely to continue to see upward revisions. The price of petrol in Delhi on Tuesday morning stood at Rs. 104.61 per litre while diesel retailed for Rs. 95.87 per litre.

In Mumbai petrol prices edged ever closer to the Rs. 120 mark with the fuel priced at Rs. 119.67 per litre – up by 84 paise as compared to Monday. Diesel meanwhile was up by 85 paise to Rs. 103.92 per litre. India's financial capital has the highest prices for petrol and diesel among all the metros.

City Petrol (price per litre) Diesel (price per litre)
Delhi Rs 104.61 Rs 95.87
Mumbai Rs 119.67 Rs 103.9
Bangalore Rs 110.25 Rs 94.01
Chennai Rs 110.09 Rs 100.18
Kolkata Rs 114.28 Rs 99.02

Meanwhile price for petrol in Bangalore and Chennai crossed the Rs. 110 mark. Price for the fuel in Bangalore stood at Rs. 110.25 per litre on Tuesday while in Chennai petrol was priced at Rs. 110.09 per litre. Diesel, on the other hand, was priced at Rs. 94.01 per litre in Bangalore while in Chennai it crossed the Rs. 100 per litre mark to start the day at Rs. 100.18 per litre.

In Kolkata diesel slowly edged closer to the Rs. 100 per litre mark at Rs. 99.02 per litre while petrol was priced at Rs. 114.28 per litre.

Aside from the near constant rise in petrol and diesel prices, prices for CNG too have seen a rise in prices with Indraprastha Gas hiking prices of the fuel in and around Delhi by Rs. 2.5 per kg. Moving to Mumbai there was some respite to CNG car owners in recent days with MGL reducing prices for the fuel by Rs. 6 per kg to Rs. 60 per kg from April 1 owing to a reduction in VAT from the state government from 13.5% to 3%.

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