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F1: Ferrari Keen On Getting Carlos Sainz Jr. Test After Alonso Got Approval From FIA

As the winter tests only provide a single test opportunity drivers who are changing teams are desperate to get some extra running time

Carlos Sainz Jr is the son of rallying legend Carlos Sainz Sr expand View Photos
Carlos Sainz Jr is the son of rallying legend Carlos Sainz Sr


  • Carlos Sainz Jr hopes to to drive for Ferrari in the Abu Dhabi test
  • Renault has also ready managed to get Alonso into the test
  • If Sainz drives in the test he will not deprive any FDA drivers

Fernando Alonso is set to get some alone time in 2020 Renault F1 car at the young driver test at the race in Abu Dhabi. This has also opened the window for Ferrari to provide a test for its incoming new driver Carlos Sainz Jr. who will be out of contract after the race at Abu Dhabi when the young driver tests start. Renault's success in getting the 39-year-old Alonso a test before 2021 has led to a situation where Sebastian Buemi is expected to drive for Red Bull at the test while Robert Kubica is likely to test for Alfa Romeo. 

So far, the exception to the rule for the young driver test are drivers who haven't raced in 2020. However, Sainz who joins Ferrari in 2021 replacing four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel expects to get a chance to get some extra run time in the 2020 Ferrari at the test. 


Fernando Alonso's return to F1 is highly anticipated and the 2-time world champion will return to Renault 
Photo Credit: AFP

"I think Ferrari is one of the teams that are promoting young drivers the most right now," said the Spaniard. 

"So I don't see why I shouldn't also get the chance to test. I don't know what's going to happen, to be honest, I don't know what is the FIA's decision, but you can tell that I'm going to try and be there as much as I can," Sainz added. 


It also helps that Ferrari's young drivers are already testing with its partner teams. Mick Schumacher who has a confirmed drive for Haas in 2021 will test with the team, while Robert Shwartzman and Antonio Fuoco will test for Ferrari. Callum Ilott who is also part of the Ferrari Driver Academy and tails Mick Schumacher in the F2 world championship by just 14 points will test with Alfa Romeo. 


Mick Schumacher, Callum Ilott and Robert Shwartzman all are part of the Ferrari Driver Academy 

"I'm willing to test for Ferrari," said Sainz. "I think it's no secret, especially now that the hand has been opened a bit by the FIA for drivers that are not rookies, or not young drivers, to test, I don't see why the FIA wouldn't open the hand a bit also to all the drivers," he explained the situation. 

"Personally, I wouldn't take any young driver out of the seat. I think Callum, Mick and Robert Shwartzman, I think they are still going to test, so if I jump into a Ferrari, I'm not going to not allow them to test, they're going to still be testing," he said. 


Since the winter tests only provide a single test opportunity, many drivers, especially, the ones who are entering F1 for the first time or changing teams are desperate to get some extra running time so as to get acclimatised faster. 

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