Have You Been Mispronouncing The Names Of These Car Brands?

You may be the biggest car enthusiast in the world, but you may not be pronouncing the brand names of famous car manufacturing companies correctly. Check out the right pronunciations here.

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Published on February 2, 2022

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    If regular people pronounce Audi as ´ooo-dee´ instead of ´ow-dee´, it can be ignored, since they do not have much knowledge about the car world. However, car enthusiasts or gearheads mispronouncing the names of famous car brands is considered to be a sin. Luxury car brands, undoubtedly, have some tricky pronunciations, especially when you throw the phonetics, accent, as well as origin language of the car maker into the mix. Let's take a look at some common mispronunciations of some of the luxurious car brands today.



    Photo Credit: unsplash.com

    Mispronunciation – “Keeo-Nig-Sigg” or “Koe-Neeg-Seg”

    Actual Pronunciation – “Ko-Neeg-Seg”

    The name of the Sweden-originated car manufacturer definitely sounds as extravagant as the amazing cars they manufacture. Fun fact about Koenigsegg, they have been in constant rivalry with fellow luxury car brand Bugatti ever since the early 2000s for manufacturing the fastest car (production) that the world has ever witnessed. Sadly, they are less popular than their competitor and their name too is more complicated to pronounce. Drop the additional ´e´ and you can get the pronunciation right.



    Photo Credit: unsplash.com

    Mispronunciation – “Pyu-Go-T”

    Actual Pronunciation – “Puh-Jsho”

    When it comes to pronouncing French names, the phonetics are slightly different from English, and Peugeot is slightly difficult if you are not familiar with French language. Tip – Do not try and get lost in the many vowels present. It´s actually only two syllables – “Puh-Jsho”. Quite simple, isn't it?



    Photo Credit: unsplash.com

    Mispronunciation – “Lamb-er-gini”

    Actual Pronunciation – ´Lam-borr-gheee-nee'

    How can we forget Lamborghini when we are talking about top-tier luxury brands? The name is filled with an Italian punch, whether it is movies, music films, sports or the famous pop culture. However, the western pronunciation of “Lambos” has somewhat made the world forget what it is actually supposed to be called. Emphasis the r in borrr and stretch the last two syllables – ghee-nee. It´s ´Lam-borr-gheee-nee'!



    Photo Credit: pixabay.com

    Mispronunciation – ´Porsch/ Por-shay´

    Actual Pronunciation – ´Paw-shuh´

    We have all probably had this argument at least once with someone- what´s the correct pronounciation of Porsche? Who would have thought a small two-syllable name can create so much confusion. We get it. This is actually a problem that people face with most European names – whether it car, food or people, because their phonetics system is so different from English. But hey, next time this topic comes up at a party or in group discussion, you can bask in the glory of pronouncing this name correctly.



    Photo Credit: unsplash.com

    Mispronunciation – “Mess-raa-tee” or “Mes-Saa-Raa-Dee”

    Actual Pronunciation – “Mahh-zeh-raah-tee”

    Let's be honest here – It is quite infuriating when someone mispronounces even the simplest of syllables in names. This is precisely what happens with the name Maserati. The name of the luxury car brand is very straight, especially when you consider its Italian origin. It is – “Ma-se-raa-ti'. Before pronouncing, do not forget to uncomplicate things. Even though the name could have avoided being here, we wanted to ensure that people start pronouncing the beautifully-simple name correctly.

    These are some of the commonly-mispronounced names of car brands which are quite simple to pronounce in actuality. All you need to do is focus on keeping it simple and Voila! You will not face any issues while pronouncing these titles.

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