Mercedes-Benz' New HD Headlamps Can Project Signs On The Road

The German carmaker says the new headlamps have a resolution of over 2 million pixels and not only aid the driver but also facilitate communication.

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Published on December 4, 2016

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  • The HD headlamps have a resolution of over 2 million pixels
  • The system can project high-resolution images onto the road surface
  • It will not only aid the driver but also facilitate communication

Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled 'Digital Light'- a new HD headlight with a resolution of over 2 million pixels. The German carmaker says the headlamp technology not only aids the driver but also facilitates communication. Sensors, such as cameras or radar, detect other road users and powerful computers evaluate the data as well as digital cards in milliseconds and give the headlamps the commands for adapting the light distribution in all situations. These efforts yield optimum vision for the driver without dazzling other road users as well as innovative functions with added safety.

Mercedes-Benz Digital Light

The HD Headlamps Have A Resolution Of Over Two Million Pixels

Gunter Fischer, Head of Exterior Body Development and Vehicle Operating Systems at Daimler AG, explained, "The decisive factor is not the technology in the headlamp but the digital intelligence behind it. With our "DIGITAL LIGHT" strategy we are not only striving for beam records, rather we want to achieve optimum vision and maximum brightness without glare. Innovative functions for supporting the driver and staging communication with other road users significantly optimise safety when driving at night."

Mercedes-Benz Digital Light Zebra Crossing

The Headlamps Can Project High-Resolution Images Onto The Road Surface

With Digital Light, Mercedes-Benz not only seeks to achieve ideal light distribution for every driving situation, but guide and support the driver in a targeted manner in critical situations. The system will be able to project light traces onto the road to replace missing road markings and beam messages like direction arrows or warnings onto the road. It will also allow the car to communicate with other road users: for example, symbols or a zebra crossing for pedestrians can be projected.

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