Mercedes-Benz USA Recalls Select 2021-2023 Manufactured Models Over Potential Fire Risk

The recall is to address a potential wiring issue with the 48V system in the vehicles and affects select E-class, CLS-class and AMG GT four-door models.

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Published on February 21, 2024

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    Mercedes-Benz USA has issued a recall affecting select E-class, CLS-class and AMG GT Four-Door models over a potential fire risk. The recall includes certain variants of the cars manufactured between 2021-2023. In total 12,191 vehicles are affected by the recall. Variants affected of the aforementioned models include the CLS 450, E 450, E 450 All-Terrain, AMG E 53, AMG GT 43, AMG GT 53, and the AMG CLS 53.

    The identified issue revolves around the ground cable of the onboard 48V system which may not have been properly tightened during the manufacturing process. This oversight could lead to the ground cable overheating, posing a risk of fire.

    According to MBUSA, the problem stems from a deviation in the vehicle production process, where the 48V ground connection in the engine compartment might not be tightened to the specified torque. Drivers may not receive a warning due to the nature of the failure mechanism, but in the event of a 48V system impairment, warning messages related to the 48V onboard power supply, such as "48V Battery See Operator's Manual," will be displayed in the instrument cluster.

    MBUSA became aware of isolated field reports in late 2022, prompting an investigation that continued into March 2023. The company hypothesised that the insufficiently tightened ground connection could contribute to warning messages. As a precautionary measure in April 2023, MBUSA added an additional step to its production process to check and re-tighten the ground connection. Despite initial quality control testing indicating proper bolt torque, further investigation revealed that subsequent assembly steps could, in some instances, lead to a loosening of the ground connection.

    On February 2, 2024, MBUSA determined that a potential safety risk in the identified vehicle population cannot be ruled out and decided to conduct a recall.

    Authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers will check the bolt torque of the 48V ground connection on the affected vehicles and correct it if necessary. MBUSA does not plan to provide pre-notice reimbursement to owners, as the involved vehicles remain covered under the new vehicle warranty. The issue in the production procedure has been addressed from April 7, 2023, onwards.


    Written by: RONIT AGARWAL

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