MINI Vision Next 100 Concept Revealed

After BMW and Rolls-Royce, it is now MINI's turn to present its vision of how the future of mobility will pan out, with its Vision Next100 Years concept car.

By Ameya Naik


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Published on June 17, 2016

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  • MINI shows the future of mobility with Vision Next100 Years concept car
  • After BMW and Rolls-Royce, now MINI takes up autonomous car project
  • MINI's Vision Next100 Years concept will be electric like the other two
After BMW and Rolls-Royce, it is now MINI's turn to present its vision of how the future of mobility will pan out, with its Vision Next100 Years concept car. Over the past few years, MINI has stretched the envelope (and the car) quite a bit. We have seen production and concept cars ranging from station wagons to roadsters. So is MINI's founder Sir Alec Issigonis, turning in his grave? Well if he isn't he just might now! Outrageous, outlandish and quirky - pretty much how you may describe a lot of what MINI does. And is definitely how you would describe this new concept.
MINI Concept Rear Profile

MINI Concept Rear Profile

Designed to look handsome, don't forget the clever engineering part, the MINI became one of the most iconic cars in the world. The Vision Next 100 concept showcases that and much more. This one is all about transparency and we say that with all earnestness, because it is, quite literally! It's impossible to miss the striking transparency of its front and MINI design has maintained the round headlamps with the oversized gauge pod. Now, Mini has been in a styling rut, and with each new generation car it's tried to stretch its cars or make minor changes but the Vision Next 100 concept is the right way to silence all the critics out there and tell them that there's more than just the badge and those bug-eyed headlamps.

MINI Concept Side Profile

MINI Concept Side Profile

It's very German looking (now is that really a surprise?) though, and the cabin is proof enough. Where other cars have instrument clusters, the Vision Next 100 concept gets a single bar and this accommodates only two things - the steering wheel and the iconic circular speedometer. Now, the steering wheel can slide across between passengers - which is interesting as it simple to make it a right-hand to left-hand drive model. We sure could've used that on our GLA Adventure drives! The minimalism on the inside makes it light, airy and this keeps in line with the original MINI - and also with the Vision Next 100 Concepts shown by Rolls-Royce and BMW.

MINi Vision Next 100 Concept Cabin

MINi Vision Next 100 Concept Cabin

The other common theme between the three concepts is an acceptance of semi or completely autonomous driving. And yes they're all electric too. BMW believes that electric cars are the future of mobility and this is just one example of how things are going to change. The user interface of this car is completed with projections directly on the road in front of you. There's a lot that screams 'youth' in your face and that's the flashing lights as well as the bright colours.

MINI Vision Next 100 Concept

MINI Vision Next 100 Concept

'Every MINI is my MINI' is what the tagline for this concept goes and this is when you scratch your head and ask why? Well, according to the people behind the concept, it's a MINI for car-sharing. The idea is that the MINI Vision Next 100 could be called to your location with an app, arriving autonomously, ready for your use, so technically, you wouldn't need to own one. But what if you don't like the colour of the car? Mini has that covered too as the silver exterior acts as a projection screen, letting the driver change colours and patterns on the fly. Your preferences are stored in the cloud and automatically restored to the Mini that recognizes you. The car's designer Anders Warming says that the MINI that you take to the airport in say India is the same MINI that you'll take from the airport once you reach another city or even a country probably - that's customisation now isn't it? There's a cool name for the Artificial Intelligence assistant too. It was called 'Companion' on the BMW Vision Next 100 concept and in this one it's the 'Cooperizer'. BMW says, "On the move, the driver can influence the Cooperizer's decision-making, as the rotary controls allow adjustments to the interior ambience and driving mode." You might think this concept will always remain a concept; well you're right in a way but it's the technology that you'll see trickling down to BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce cars. The future is not quite so far away, is it now?

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