Nissan Unveils Specialised X-Trail Mountain Rescue Vehicle

Equipped with a custom roof rack, evacuation stretcher, powerful lights, siren, and safety enhancements

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Published on January 20, 2024

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  • It integrates an enhanced traction on slippery slopes with its snow tracks.
  • Featuring the twin-motor e-4ORCE system, the rescue vehicle adapts to changing grip levels in a fraction of a second.
  • This rescue vehicle is available in five- or seven-seater configurations.

Nissan is introducing a modified version of its X-Trail e-4ORCE for mountain rescue operations in European ski resorts. The X-Trail Mountain Rescue has undergone significant alterations, including the replacement of wheels with snow tracks for improved traction on slippery slopes. 


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Externally, the vehicle showcases a custom roof rack designed to carry an evacuation stretcher and snow shovels. Enhanced safety features include a siren, flashing light bar, and powerful lights embedded on the roof and hood. Wider fenders and a reinforced front bumper with a winch add to the vehicle's rescue capabilities. Additionally, towing hooks on the front and rear bumpers, along with side footboards, streamline access to the modified X-Trail. Also, the vehicle is riding 9 inches higher on its tracks compared to the standard road version.


Internally, the rear seats have been removed to accommodate a stretcher, facilitating the swift transport of injured skiers to nearby medical facilities, complete with a designated seat for a medical professional. Apart from this the vehicle comes equipped with GPS as well as communication equipment. Also from the photos shared by the company, it is seen that there is also a charging compartment for the drone batteries. 


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This rescue operation ambulance is equipped with e-4ORCE, the X-Trail Mountain Rescue features all-wheel drive capabilities, providing traction on slippery slopes. Notably, the traditional wheels have been replaced with snow tracks to ensure manoeuvrability in challenging terrains. 


Setting it apart from traditional systems, this twin-motor e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system technology can react to changing grip levels in a 1/10,000th of a second, providing adaptive power distribution to individual wheels based on the available grip as claimed by the automaker. This rescue vehicle is available in five- or seven-seater configurations.

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