New Pagani C10 To Come With A Twin Turbo Powertrain

Pagani is also developing an EV but that will come post 2026

By Sahil Gupta


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Published on October 25, 2021

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  • Pagani is focusing more on weight reduction and driving dynamics
  • Pagani will also add a new AMG Mercedes engine with 30-40 bhp
  • It is also developing a new EV but that may come post 2026

Horacio Pagani is one of the last few mercurial founder/designer automotive czar's left in the industry. His cars pack luxury, art, and hypercar-like technological superiority like no other automaker in the world. And it's now ready to unveil the successor to the Huayra which debuted in the first half of the last decade. The new car which will debut in 2022 is internally called the C10 with its drawings first done in 2017 and it will come with a new custom Mercedes AMG twin-turbo 6-litre V12 made to Pagani's exacting specifications. It is said that this new engine will also have a boost of 30-40 bhp over the previous 730 bhp power plant on the Huayra with dual-clutch and manual transmission options. 

Horacio Pagani has revealed in an interview that the focus will be on the handling which means the focus will be on weight reduction. The Huayra is 1300 kg which means the new C10 will almost certainly be lighter, something Gordon Murray's T.50 has also focused a lot on. Pagani has revealed that the car will be revealed at Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci In Milan. The plan is either to launch it in June or September 2022. 


The Pagani Huayra also is powered by a custom bespoke Mercedes AMG twin-turbo V12 

Pagani plans on building 280 or 300 examples of C10 which include various configurations like the coupe, roadster, and special models. Pagani has already revealed that all of them are already sold out - the interest from the US alone is going to be enough for the production run. He also said this new car will be perhaps its last fully internal combustion engine car and believes that it will start with EVs post-2026. 

Horacio Pagani revealed that he has been working on an EV since 2018 but so far he hasn't seen any interest from his current clientele. The good news for Pagani is that it has funding from the Saudi Public Fund which also has backed Lucid Motors and there is even a meeting happening between the two carmakers. 


Last Updated on October 25, 2021

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