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Revolt Electric Bikes Payment Plan Explained

Revolt Intellicorp launched the RV 300 and the RV 400 in India recently. Apart from the product, the two electric motorcycles have a rather interesting payment plan. Here is how it works.

The Revolt electric motorcycles get interesting monthly payment plans expand View Photos
The Revolt electric motorcycles get interesting monthly payment plans


  • The total cost of Revolt RV 300 is Rs. 1,10,963
  • The total cost of standard Revolt RV 400 is Rs. 1,29,463
  • The total cost of Revolt RV 400 Premium is Rs. 1,47,963

Revolt Intellicorp has launched two electric commuter motorcycles, the Revolt RV 400, and the Revolt RV 300. The Revolt RV 400 e-motorcycle is positioned to compete with conventional 125 cc motorcycles and is the brand's flagship offering. In addition to the RV 400, the bike maker also introduced the new entry-level RV 300 which is the most affordable offering from the company. Revolt offers unique payment plans for its motorcycles. Instead of having an ex-showroom price, Revolt offers its motorcycles with and we will explain you in detail how these payment plans work.

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Revolt RV 300


(Each Revolt electric motorcycle is only available on the MyRevoltPlan with monthly payments)

The Revolt RV 300 is the most affordable model in the company's portfolio and it is available with a monthly payment plan of ₹ 2,999 per month for 37 months. For the first month, one can also choose to opt for a 4G plan for ₹ 8,000 with the RV 300. Should that be the case, the buyer will have to pay ₹ 10,999 for the first month. The total amount for the Revolt RV 300 comes to ₹ 1, 10,963 excluding the amount for 4G plan.

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Revolt RV 400


(The Revolt RV 400 is packed with new generation features, like cloud connectivity, synthesised sounds and a dedicated mobile app)

The standard model of the Revolt RV 400 will have a base monthly instalment of ₹ 3,499 for 37 months. The base plan will exclude features such as immobiliser, remote key, push start and the artificial sound feature along with 3-year 4G plan. But Revolt will of course allow customers to buy the premium package for a payment of ₹ 16,998. So, in that case, the first monthly instalment for the standard Revolt RV 400 will come to ₹ 20,497. The total amount for the RV 400 comes to ₹ 1, 29,463 excluding the amount required for the premium package.

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Revolt RV 400 Premium

And finally, the Revolt RV 400 is available with an instalment plan of ₹ 3,999 per month for 37 months, with the total amount coming to ₹ 1, 47,963. This plan includes all the features which are excluded in the RV 400 base model. The RV 400 Premium includes 3-year 4G plan, artificial sound, remote key, push start and immobiliser as well. Plus, Revolt will also offer free tyre replacement in the first 3 years.


Apart from these, Revolt has also announced introductory benefits for the RV 300 and RV 400 such as battery warranty of ₹ 1.5 km for eight years, free maintenance benefits for 3 years/30,000 km and product warranty of 5 years/75,000 km along with free insurance.

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