These Five Bike Modifications Will Definitely Get You Pulled Over By The Cops

Bike modifications can be exciting but can also be illegal. Here's a list of illegal bike modifications that you should steer away from.

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Published on December 24, 2021

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    Motorheads love their bikes and many people even give their bikes some modifications to adapt it to their style. These mods come in a very wide range from subtle looking and helping in tweaking the performance to being obnoxiously visible and purely for style. Here are 5 bike modifications that will definitely get you pulled over by cops:



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    Using aftermarket exhausts is illegal in India unless approved first by the RTO. Having an exhaust on your bike which makes a thumping sound or loud revving sounds is illegal and not very sustainable too. People dislike the loud noises it is one of the bike modifications that will definitely get you pulled over by cops at traffic signals and check-posts. A purely performance exhaust is legal to use once approved by the RTO.

    Engine and Chassis modifications


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    Swapping your bike's engine with any other is illegal and dangerous. The bike is made with all parts being tuned to work perfectly with each other and swapping the engine can lead to a lot of legal trouble. Changing the displacement of the engine is also illegal with many other small engine modifications as per Indian standards. Reshaping and adding or removing metal from chassis is also illegal as it compromises the structural integrity of the bike and is considered dangerous to the rider and others on the road.



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    Adding an extra wheel or side car to the bike is also illegal and is one of the bike modifications that will definitely get you pulled over by cops if it is not mentioned in the vehicle's registration. Changing the bike's tyres to extra wide or fat tyres is also illegal as they can alter performance and handling capabilities making them dangerous. They are also very noticeable and will get you pulled over by cops.



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    Using aftermarket headlights and using different coloured or brighter than stock headlights is illegal as it can have a blinding effect on oncoming traffic and is dangerous for using on the roads. Using neon lights and led light strips on your tyres and the bike's body for decoration might look harmless but it is also illegal as it can be a distraction for people on the road and can lead to accidents.

    Horn and mirrors and paint


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    Using a pressure horn is one of the bike modifications that will definitely get you pulled over by cops, and lead you into trouble as they are illegal and contribute to noise pollution. If the cops are nearby, they will surely notice the louder horn especially in a country like India where people use the horn a lot. A lot of people are also not aware that riding a bike without rear-view mirrors is against traffic laws and they can very easily be fined for it not to mention that it is very dangerous to ride without them. Painting your bike to a completely different colour is also illegal in India. It might not be dangerous but it does make it harder to track down the vehicle which is why it is not allowed. However, vinyl wraps and decals are legal.

    While some bike modifications are permitted by law, the above-mentioned modifications are the bike modifications that will definitely get you pulled over by cops. Hence, be careful while choosing your bike modifications.

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