10 Little-Known Trekking Places in Goa to Explore

Want to experience the trekking wonders in Goa? If your brave heart wants some trekking delights, here's a list of 10 hidden hiking gems in the city.
11-Feb-22 06:23 PM IST
10 Little-Known Trekking Places in Goa to Explore banner

Sonsogor Trek

Just in case you wish to feel like the King of the World: head towards Sonsogor for the trek. Although it's not the best trek in the whole world, it's definitely one of the best! It hardly takes around 2 to 3 hours, whereby trekkers flock to the place to take in the wonders of Goan greenery and nature.


Netravali Waterfalls

It's a 13 km long trek, and it's situated within Netravali Wildlife. Malabar giant squirrel, four-horned antelope, Indian bison, and leopard are some animals that reside in this particular sanctuary. It houses birds such as the Malayan night heron, great pied hornbill, Nilgiri wood pigeon, grey-headed bulbul, and more.

Satregad Fort Trek

The trail passes via the valleys, waterfalls, and hills at a stretch of around16 km. Nonetheless, Satregad is a trekking spot that seems to be a gem of all hidden hiking gems in Goa. Satregad Fort displays Portuguese &British influences in its wonderful architecture. You may even marvel at the amazing sight of the Royal Bengal Tigers as well.


The UdaanDongor hiking trip is around 16 km in length and takes approximately six or six and half hours to finish. It starts in Panjim& ends at Goa's fourth highest mountain. The vistas are breathtaking, and its region is rich in biodiversity, with lush foliage and many wildlife. It is an excellent chance for nature & wildlife photographers to shoot the natural beauty of this land. Carry chocolates, dried fruits, & water whenever you plan a trek out here.


Pali Waterfalls

Pali Waterfalls is a hidden gem in Valpoi, and it's full of thorns, bushes, and slippery rocks. The trekking trail is easy, spanning 6 kilometres. This waterfall gets surrounded by adense forest. The dense forest offers a wide range of opportunities to spot the varied mammals and birds. Trekkers love the sightings of butterflies &birds en route to the waterfall.

Vagheri Mountain

Are you an experienced trekker in an attempt to discover the hard terrain in Goa? Then Vagheri Trek may be your choice. The Vagheri Mountain happens to be one of Goa's tallest hills that offer a breathtaking spot. It's the 7-kilometre one-hour journey from Chorla Ghats to the Vagheri Mountain. On the other hand, the track may get pretty steep, making trekking connoisseurs happy. With that stated, it's ideal for getting yourself a guide when planning out this trek.

Sanguem Trek

This trail is not easy, and you can experience it in South Goa. It's 15 kilometres long and fairly steep. So, do you believe this would pique your interest as an adrenaline junkie? Furthermore, it is situated near Sanguem, a city famed for various tourist sites such as Sagameshwar Temple, Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, and Mollem National Park. After the trip, you may return the next day to investigate these locations.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar means the Ocean of Milk, so it gets derived from white froth forming over here. It stands at around 310 metres, and this waterfall is the 5thtallest Indian waterfall. Upon reaching the trek's end, you may soak in the picturesque view of Goa,whereas the cool breeze just brushes your fresh face.


Tambdi Surla Waterfalls

In Goa, you would find no shortage of breathtaking walking paths. Tambdi Surla Waterfalls Trek is yet another choice that leaves you feeling peaceful at the closure of the journey. The 6-kilometre hike begins at the historic Tambdi Surla Temple & takes around 90 minutes to finish. Because this journey is located within the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park, one may require engaging the local guide to help navigate via the dense trees.

Todo Waterfalls

For beginners in the world of trekking, Todo Waterfalls is your safest pick. This 5 km trek initiates from Panjim, and it takes you on an adventure journey! The terrain is laden with forests, mini waterfalls, and river streams that are a sight for your sore eyes.

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