Ather Electric Scooters: Key Features Explained

Bengaluru-based tech start-up Ather Energy has launched two new electric scooters - the Ather 340, and the Ather 450. Here's what they offer.

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A close look at what the new electric scooters from Ather Energy offer


  • The Ather electric scooters cost more than Rs. 1 lakh
  • Smart-connected scooters with state-of-the-art technology
  • Ather Energy founded by two IIT students in 2013

Ather Energy has launched two new electric scooters - the Ather 340 and the Ather 450. The Ather 340 is priced at ₹ 1,09,750 (on-road Bengaluru), while the Ather 450 is priced at ₹ 1,24,750 (on-road Bengaluru). Both scooters are available on pre-orders on Ather Energy's website and the first set of customers will also get standard installation of charging point, charging cable and home charging point, and one year maintenance and data subscription free. The on-road price includes GST, road tax, insurance, registration and also the cost of the smart card which the scooters will come loaded with. But what do all these mean, and what in actual terms do the Ather scooters offer which will make them stand apart in the electric two-wheeler space. Here's a look at the key features.

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Ather Bikes

ather 340

The Ather 340 has a less powerful electric motor and also offers marginally less range than the 450

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The basic difference in the two electric scooter models is the output of the electric motors and usable capacity of their lithium ion batteries. In terms of looks and design, both scooters look near identical, with the same clean design lines, white paintjob and 7-inch digital instrument panel. The only small noticeable visual difference between the two models is the small, green 'Ather' sticker on the 450's body panels. Of course, the 450 also makes more peak power at 5.4 kW and marginally more torque of 20.5 Nm. It also has a faster 0 to 40 kmph acceleration time of 3.9 seconds, and a 18 degree gradeability which will make steep basement parking lots, flyovers and even hilly roads easy to climb. The 340 has a peak power output of 4.4 kW, with 20 Nm torque and 0-40 kmph acceleration time of 5.1 seconds. The effective actual range of the 450 is also better (75 km), compared to the 60 km range of the 340.

smart connected ather electric scooters

The 7-inch digital screen shows speed, range, charge left and also doubles up as to provide satellite navigation and remote diagnostics


Technology is what Ather Energy thrives on, and this in turn has trickled down to the first two electric scooters from the company. Both scooters feature an intelligent on-board system, seamless charging and promise a hassle-free ownership experience. The 7-inch LCD panel not only displays the speed, remaining charge and distance covered, but also doubles up as a full-screen satellite navigation tool, using Google maps and push notification from an app on the user's smartphone. And that's not all - GPS, inertial measurement unit (IMU) and cloud connectivity also helps provide remote diagnostics, trouble shooting and over the air updates, all through a SIM card installed on the scooter. Technology is still being developed, and in time, the Ather intelligent system will be able to predict frequent destinations, riding style and modify navigation and even performance and charging according to an individual owner's riding style and pattern.

ather grid

The Ather Grid provides a complete charging infrastructure for Ather electric scooters

Ather Grid

The Ather Grid is the technology and charging infrastructure set up by Ather Energy in Bengaluru. For now, both the scooters are available only on sale in Bengaluru, with a phased launch in Chennai and Pune next. Each of these two cities will also have a similar Ather Grid, which provides service locations and charging points at easy intervals for customers to use and re-charge their scooters. The Ather Grid in Bengaluru currently has 17 locations with over 30 charging points, which will be increased to 60-70 charging points in the next few months. Within the next three to four years, Ather Energy intends to launch the scooters and also set up the Ather Grid across 25-30 cities around India.

ather 450

The Ather One plan covers all charging, maintenance and service costs for customers

Ather One Plan

The Ather One plan includes unlimited ride for customers, and will cover charging costs, whether through the Ather Grid or at home, and also covers all service and maintenance, including labour costs, replacement of parts under regular maintenance including consumables like brake pads. The Ather One plan also covers all data services like navigation, diagnostics, over the air updates, and even roadside assistance. For the first lot of customers, subscription will be free for one year, and then onwards will be chargeable, which will cover all these expenses, even including electricity costs for charging as well. The Ather One subscription can be paid quarterly at ₹ 2,596, all-inclusive, or annually at ₹ 8,400, all-inclusive. Monthly costs work out to around ₹ 700 - and Ather says it's still perceptively less than costs on fuel and maintenance on conventional scooters.

ather 450

The Ather scooters come with 2 years warranty and the battery pack with 3 years warranty



The Ather scooters come with a 2 years warranty or 30,000 km usage and a battery pack with three years and unlimited kilometres warranty. The charging point is also covered with 3 years warranty which will cover manufacturing defects but not include general wear and tear and the cable and connector.

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