Exclusive: Reise Moto Looking To Launch Whitewall Tyres In India This Year

Reise Moto is a relatively young tyre brand in India, but it is already looking to broaden its product portfolio with whitewall tyres for modern classic and vintage two-wheelers.

By Kingshuk Dutta


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Published on May 22, 2024

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  • Reise Moto will add whitewall tyres in its product portfolio this year itself
  • Whitewall tyres are usually used for modern classic and vintage two-wheelers
  • Few OEM whitewall tyre options in India at the moment

In the 18 months since Reise Moto started its operations in India, it has made a mark and established itself as a leading two-wheeler tyre manufacturer especially for adventure motorcycles. And the company is already looking to broaden its product portfolio. And a step in that direction includes whitewall tyres for modern classic and vintage two-wheelers, which will be launched in 2024. 


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Whitewall Tyes

Whitewall tyres are usually used for modern classic and vintage motorcycles


As the name suggests, these tyres get white rims in order to give a more classic and old-school appeal to two-wheelers. Finding an OEM whitewall tyre is difficult and there aren’t many options, which is why Reise Moto believes there is a solid potential for these tyres in India. 


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Yogesh Mahansaria, MD & Founder, Reise Moto confirmed the news to car&bike in an exclusive interaction, “Whitewall tyres is something that we expect to bring to market this year. And again, it's a very specific niche. It's for people who want their bikes to look a little retro or little classic again, you know, it's a in area in the market that's currently not explored and we have been testing it for a while now because you know one of the challenges in in making the white side wall tyre is you need to make sure that the white remains white for as long as possible. Otherwise, uh, you know it, it tends its prone to becoming yellow pretty fast and that is something you know our team has been experimenting a lot on and you'll certainly see that from us this year as well.”

Reise Moto Tour R Tyre Review Hero Impulse Edited 6

Reise Moto is usually known for its off-road and dual-sport range of tyres


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Reise Moto is yet to confirm the sizes in which whitewall tyres will be manufactured. These tyres are for specific models and won’t be offered in all sizes. 


Yogesh Mahansaria added, “I don't think we'll offer it in all the all the sizes because you know it's needed for a specific type of bike. But certainly, on the relevant bytes, we'll have it.”

There is a wide range of modern classic motorcycles available in India. Companies like Royal Enfield, Triumph Motorcycles and Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles have a wide range of retro-themed models and there’s a sizeable market for vintage and classic two-wheelers as well.

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