2024 TVS Eurogrip Duratrail EB+ & Terrabite EB+ Tyre Review

TVS Eurogrip invited us to test their new Duratrail EB+ range of tyres which are made for venturing out into the unknown as well and tackling daily commutes as well.

By Kingshuk Dutta


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Published on February 20, 2024

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  • We review two new tyre ranges from TVS Eurogrip
  • Duratrail EB+ and Terrabite EB+ are meant for off-road and tarmac riding
  • Both tyres are in the market, available for purchase

TVS Eurogrip, one of the fastest-growing tyre manufacturers in India introduced the Duratrail EB+ tyre range, along with the Terrabite EB+ range a few months ago and invited us to test both tyres at its plant in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Both tyre ranges are dual-purpose models, with the Duratrail range made for 150-200 cc motorcycles and the Terrabite range made for 300 cc+ motorcycles, which are likely to tackle tough terrain more. 

Our ride consisted of a 300 km+ journey, from Madurai to Thekkady in Kerala over highways with well-laid tarmac, some B-roads and small off-road patches as well. The fresh rubber on our test motorcycles along with some beautiful views made for a nice, quick motorcycle road trip. 


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Duratail EB+

The Duratrail EB+ range makes use of dual-tread compound technology along with a tri-polymer tread compound. It gets block pattern treads for better grip on the road and on mild off-road surfaces as well. The block pattern treads are aligned as well, which TVS Eurogrip says, offers better efficiency. The groove channels have been kept parallel, which offer better water displacement and offer good grip in wet conditions as well. 

We spent some time riding the old Royal Enfield Himalayan 411, shod with the Duratrail EB+ tyres. The tyres themselves are grippy and once warmed up on tarmac, they do a good job of sticking to the blacktop. The centre part of the tyre has a slightly harder compound that aids in efficiency and the sides are made of softer material, which offer good grip while cornering, be it long, sweeping ones or tight, technical ones. 

With these tyres, we did venture out on some B-roads, twisties and patches of dirt where the tyres performed very well, leaving little to complain. If you do own a Himalayan 411, these can very well be your next set of tyres. Other motorcycles which can use these are the Apache RTR 160, RTR 180 RTR 200, few motorcycles from the Bajaj Pulsar range and so on.   


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Terrabite EB+

The other tyres that we tested were the Terrabite EB+ units, which were shod on Royal Enfield Classic 350s. These tyres are more suited to the Royal Enfield modern classic range, entry-level ADVs and other motorcycles which may not be outright ADVs but do their fair share of riding off-road. For example, a ride on a Classic 350 to Ladakh and so on. 

These tyres have a relatively stronger construction and are more durable, to tackle rough riding surfaces, and are capable of bearing more stress and strain. The tyres get large block patterns and deeper treads. 

The Terrabite EB+ units are solidly made. They can take some abuse and then some more. Despite being robust, the tyres are grippy and that in turn makes for a confident ride and rider. The Terrabite EB+ tyres also get dual-tread compound technology which means it gets a softer compound at the sides and a stronger compound right in the middle. The tyres felt at home even when cornering hard or riding on surfaces with low traction. 


The Duratrail EB+ is available between Rs. 2,125 and Rs. 3,675 per tyre and is available in tubeless and tube-type versions. Similarly, the Terrabite EB+ is available from Rs.  2,100 and prices go up to Rs. 2,500. It is available in tubeless and tube-type versions as well. both tyres are available in different sizes to accommodate maximum motorcycle models. 

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