Reise Moto TourR Tyres Review: Introduction

The TourR dual-purpose tyres from Reise Moto are designed for touring and trail riding

By Janak Sorap


3 mins read


Published on February 11, 2024

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  • Crafted for highway and trail riding use
  • Designed for straight-line stability, easy steering and traction in wet conditions
  • Comes with a six-year warranty

Tyres are the most crucial and often the most neglected component when considering automobiles, and all the more in the case of motorcycles. A good set of tyres makes all the difference in how a motorcycle handles or grips on different terrains or inspires confidence. Having said that, my Hero Impulse had been due for a tyre change for some time now. The Ceat Gripp XL tyres had worn out and become hard with time. Instead of opting for a new set of the same make, I reached out to Reise Moto, who were happy to send in a pair of TourR tyres for my Impulse.

We have tested the Reise TrailR tyres and you can read all about it here. The stock Ceat tyres are good but still built to a cost while these TourR tyres have been designed for 70 per cent highway usage and 30 per cent off-road or trail riding. Since I have no plans of converting my Impulse into a full-fledged off-roader yet, I decided it would be best to go with the TourR tyres. To make things simpler, I’ve decided to split this review into three parts – introduction, on-road performance and off-road performance.


As the name suggests, the TourR tyres from Reise Moto are mainly designed for touring. So, the majority of tarmac and B road, and of course the unavoidable pothole-ridden roads that appear out of nowhere. The TourR tyres are available in various sizes and profiles depending on the make and model of the motorcycle. For the Impulse, the stock tyre sizes are 90/90-R19 for the front and 120/80-R17 for the rear. The tyre sizes I opted for were the same for the front and a sidewall size up at the rear, a 120/90-R17. Slight increase in sidewall height, but fits comfortably in the space between the tyre and swingarm after installation.


According to Reise, the TourR tyres are designed to keep straight-line stability, easy steering, grip and control at lean angles and wet conditions in check. The tyres have also been designed to be puncture resistant, durable with a long life, and come with a six-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


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Starting with the tread pattern, the TourR tyres come with a block pattern with a connected wide polygonal centre region to provide maximum road contact and hence traction on a straight line. At the same time, it also aids in better braking performance. The shoulder region has angular blocks which contribute to improved grip levels while cornering. Next are the grooves that have a directional pattern to effectively channel the water outwards and prevent aquaplaning. The rubber compound used in the making of these tyres has a multi-compound construction with reinforced tread technology and a higher Non-Skid Depth (NSD) which means deeper grooves so longer tyre replacement intervals. Lastly, the sidewalls of the tyres have topographic design patterns that look visually appealing at a standstill.

Overall, as initial impressions go, the Reise TourR tyres definitely are attractive, well-designed and are built and packaged well. The tyres are suiting the Impulse pretty well and I will be using the motorcycle for my office commutes, highways trips and also hit the trails over the course of this review. The next report will be on the on-road experience with the Reise TourR tyres.


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Make: Reise Moto


Model: TourR


Type: Touring Tyres


Size: 90/90-R19 (with tube) (F); 120/90-R17 (with tube) (R)


Price: Rs 2,750 (F); Rs 3,239 (R) 

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