How To Choose A Sports Car?

Are you fancying bringing home a dashing sports car? Dont hurry up the process. Do take a look at our sports car buying guide before finalising things.

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Published on June 18, 2022

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    The list of things that a sports car buyer should consider can go endlessly. We understand that seeing a sports car parked in their garage is the ultimate dream for many petrolheads. The sports car category encompasses everything from classy coupes to roadsters and hatchbacks.

    You'd want to bring home a sports car that can offer brisk acceleration, sharp cornering, and best-class agility. On that note, choosing a sports car requires proper homework. From understanding the features and the downsides to thinking about the servicing and repairs, you need to do it all. We've put up a sports car buying guide to make the work easier!


    Look at Seating and Access

    Most of the sporty sedans also offer accommodation for two passengers. There might be a handful of sporty cars with rear seating, but that's not what sports cars are notorious for. You should also know that some low-slung sports car pose immense ingress and exit challenges. On the other hand, some models might have a convenient one-hand operation. With any sporty car, consider the access.

    What About Fuel Economy?

    Sports cars have several engine options – V6s, four-cylinder options, and even thumping V8s. Not to forget, the symphonic exhaust notes can be a deal maker or breaker for some buyers. Also, note that a lighter car and a smaller engine tend to yield the best fuel economy. Another factor to consider here is these cars operate on premium fuel.

    What is the Ground Clearance?

    This question is particularly important if you are buying a sportscar in India, because of the condition of the roads and especially, the height of the speed breakers. Although the government mandates speed breakers to be not higher than 100mm, its often much higher than that. And sportscars are typically low slung, to reduce its centre of gravity, with ground clearance of around 130mm only. But there are still a few exceptions to this norm, like the Audi R8, whose chassis stands about 160mm from the ground. So do factor Indian roads while buying a sportscar.

    How's the Handling?

    Handling is perhaps one of the first factors you should be considering. Check aspects like steering response, minimal body lean, steering wheel feedback, predictability of movement, and similar factors. Though these aspects have nothing to do with the aesthetics, these ingredients are what separate a sports car from poseurs.


    Are There Safety Systems in Place?

    Sports cars exude adventures. But we also have to accept that they can be dangerous. When buying a sports car, look at its crash test results and crash avoidance capabilities. Also, consider other road test results like headlights performance. On that note, check that the car has safety systems in place. Features like automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, blind-spot warning, and similar features can keep you safe.

    Finally, Cargo

    Most of us tend to skip this part when thinking of sports cars. Cargo is one aspect when these sports cars can severely lag. Trunks on convertible sports cars are tiny. However, certain hatchbacks offer decent cargo space. It all boils down to your preference and requirements. It goes without saying, if cargo is your priority, sports cars aren't the right ones for you!


    Buying a sports car is not an easy process. There is an assortment of features you need to consider. Hopefully, this article helped you to understand the best pick for yourself!

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