Lamborghini Recalls The Urus Over-Defective Bonnet That Could Detach At High Speeds

An NHTSA filing revealed the affected units of the Urus had a defective bonnet, which could fly open or detach from the vehicle.

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Published on May 24, 2024

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  • The recalled Lamborghini Urus SUVs were manufactured between 2023 and 2024.
  • The bonnet on the performance SUV could detach at high speeds due to defective rivet studs.
  • Lamborghini will replace the hood or install a support striker plate to resolve the defect.

Lamborghini has issued a recall for the Urus Performante and S variants of the performance SUV in the US. The recall involves the Lamborghini Urus produced in 2023 and 2024 and affects 2,133 examples of the Italian-bred SUV. An NHTSA filing revealed the affected units of the Urus had a defective bonnet, which could fly open or detach from the vehicle.


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Lamborghini Urus Recalled 2


Lamborghini explained that some rivet studs that fix the hood latch strikers may have insufficient deformation. These low-deformed rivet studs could develop small gaps between the hood and front bumper at speeds over 150 kmph, allowing air to enter the engine bay. These gaps could potentially increase with high speeds, and the stress on the rivet studs could cause the latch system to fail and separate the hood latch striker from the bonnet. 


The automaker further revealed that the faulty component was used due to an inconsistent manufacturing process at a supplier. Lamborghini first learned of a potential issue in August last year after two warranty claims in Europe about the hood and fender being misaligned on certain examples of the Urus. The company launched its own investigation into the matter with the supplier. The company says it worked with the supplier to improve the manufacturing process of the said component, and no other cases were reported. 


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However, a similar issue popped up in Indonesia, where the hood was completely detached at high speeds. Lamborghini says it launched another inquiry and discovered the issue to be the defective rivet studs. The Italian brand will be reaching out to the affected customers by late June or early July. The dealers will inspect the vehicle and replace the hood, install a striker support plate, or do both. The more robust parts have been used in the Urus models produced from February onward. 


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